16 Celebs Sporting Stunning Strawberry Red Hair

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Strawberry red hair comes in a variety of shades and tones, from copper-tinged to sun-washed blonde. That’s why many celebrities, like Nicole Kidman, Janet Jackson, and Blake Lively, have dabbled in the look, whether utilizing the luck of their genetics or tapping a talented colorist.

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If strawberry red hair is on your beauty to-do list, take inspiration from these 16 celebrities who rock the look with aplomb.

Vibrant Strawberry Blonde

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Some deeper shades of red hair can be trickier to get just right than others, particularly when they incorporate various hues like what Blake Lively sports. "Blake's cherry copper red color is extremely complementing her complexion because of the balance of tones," says Richards. "Cherry red is a strong tone and tends to play the main character distracting from someone's features. However, the copper undertones in this shade of red balance the brightness by bringing out the natural colors and tones in Blake's skin."

Cinnamon Strawberry

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Ice Spice’s signature bright red coil ringlets are perfectly defined with the right amount of bounce and shine. Even though her natural color is purportedly dark, the ginger-toned shade of red compliments her skin tone well and embraces her personality.

Strawberry Blonde

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Hair color chameleon Rachel McAdams has worn nearly every shade of red hair (and all other hair colors, for that matter) under the sun. Richards says this playful light strawberry color borders on blonde-red and will make any eye color pop while enhancing the natural tones of the lips and cheeks. "An easy way to get color like this is with baby lights on top of a single process coppery color. The highlights are not meant to be seen but rather add pops of lightness where needed."

Sweet Honey Red

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Some versions of strawberry red hair color lean more towards copper, while others, like Sydney Sweeney's fun take on red locks, have more pink undertones. Richards says that to create a strawberry red color with more pink than copper, a deeper copper needs to be placed at the roots and fade into a mix of golden and pink tones at the ends. "Tell your colorist you want the palest strawberry tone possible on the ends of the hair. Because this look relies on a mix of pink, golden, and copper hues, it will look best on those with pale skin tones."

Strawberry Raven

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Kevin Mazur/WireImage

“Generally, if your skin is fair and pale, then most shades of reds will work well, but anything from strawberry blonde to copper tones will look fantastic,” Hong says. “That’s because warmer skin undertones complement warm reds, such as copper.” Case in point: Scarlett Johansson’s strawberry-hued raven hue doesn’t wash out her skin and works in her favor.

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Strawberry-Tinged Scarlet

Janet Jackson’s bright red curls suit her spirit well. With a deconstructed curl pattern, the bright, warm color looks playful and carefree. Of all the hair tones, Hong says red is the hardest to keep true to its tone. “Scientifically, red hair molecules are larger and harder to penetrate the hair, so washing with a good shampoo for colored hair and lukewarm to cold water is essential so the color fades less.” One to try: Color Wow Color Security Shampoo ($24).

Deep and Spicy Strawberry

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Deep strawberry red-copper hair colors like Claire Danes's complement any skin tone. To keep deep red hair looking fresh and shiny, monthly clear glosses are beneficial for adding much-needed shine to red hair.

Toned-Down Strawberry

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Richards calls Connie Britton's copper-hued strands a toned down, neutral color that almost creates a rich wheat shade. "You can achieve this by asking your colorist for a muted copper," she says. "I always recommend bringing an inspirational photo to your colorist because, with such a specific color, everyone has a different interpretation of it in their head."

Soft Strawberry Blonde



Christina Hendricks' beautiful lighter shade of red isn’t super saturated in bold color but instead leans towards the gentle side of being a redhead. “Strawberry blonde hair always gives me girl-next-door vibes,” Perry says. “It is a soft version of a redhead.”

Strawberry Light

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Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images For Louis Vuitton

Even though Emma Stone wears her natural blonde color as a dark reddish-orange, the color suits her well. Perry says she prefers coppers and orangey-toned reds for medium skin tones. Anything too bright or dark can overpower medium-toned skin, which means shades right in the middle are best.

Peachy Strawberry

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Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

“Strawberry blondes are lighter shades of redhead,” Hong says. “The shade is more peachy and lighter than most deep red colors.” Jessica Chastain’s take on strawberry red hair is also the perfect color to transition from a deeper blonde shade to red or vice versa because, as Hong shares, it allows the blonde hair to turn into something more rosy and golden.

Flame-Colored Strawberry

To keep red hair looking fresh and vibrant, like model Ho-Yeon Jung’s, a well-devised at-home hair care routine consisting of color-protecting and color-depositing shampoos and conditioners is necessary. Some colorists also recommend dyeing the hair a shade or two brighter than the desired color simply because red hair is known to fade fast.

Warm Strawberry

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Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Critics Choice Association

Sadie Sink’s natural red hair is the epitome of an iconic redhead—it’s not too pigmented nor too light, and the shade works with her skin impeccably. “Strawberry blondes are the lighter shades of redheads,” Hong says. “They’re more peachy and lighter than most deep red colors.”

Ethereal Strawberry Blonde

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"Nicole Kidman's light strawberry blonde hair is the perfect mix of a single process color and highlights that are concentrated mostly around the face," Richards says. "This particular shade leans more towards pink tones, so paler skin benefits from it. I recommend this color for someone whose hair is either naturally very light or gray because maintaining this color on brunette hair will be difficult."

Muted Strawberry Brunette

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Kevin Mazur/MG18/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue

Zendaya’s unique take on strawberry red hair is a little bit mysterious yet sexy at the same time. For a color similar to hers, ask your stylist for a deep crimson hue with a textured cut for added dimension.

Rapunzel-Worthy Strawberry

Take inspiration from Cardi B and go extra long and bright for a fun take on the classic strawberry red hair look.

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