15 photos of Prince Charles living his best student life at university

Some say they are the best years of your life.

And Prince Charles certainly appeared to enjoy his time as a student, in the late 1960s.

The Prince of Wales went to Trinity College, Cambridge, where he started by reading archaeology and physical and social anthropology, but ended up finishing his degree in history.

He arrived at the University of Cambridge in 1967, and went abroad on archeological digs in France the following year.

But he decided not to continue with archaeology and anthropology in 1968, and swapped to history.

At university Charles found a love of the stage, and joined Trinity's drama group, the Dryden Society. He was in sketches the students performed as part of the annual revue, playing a weather forecaster, a sports commentator and an antiques expert.

In June 1970, Charles became the first heir to the throne to be awarded a degree, getting a 2:2 from Cambridge.

As well as spending most of his time in Cambridge during his student days, he had one term at the University College Aberystwyth in Wales, where he learned Welsh, which meant he was able to give a speech in Welsh during his investiture as the Prince of Wales at Caernarfon Castle.

Have a look back at Charles living his best student life in Cambridge and North Wales.