15 Men Who Are Being Demoted To Boys After Sending These Pitiful Text Messages To Women

1.Let's start with this red flag who essentially harassed this woman with texts for days, then threw this at her:

Text message exchange discussing relationship boundaries and confirming a meet-up later
u/svgarysvveet / reddit.com

2.Moving on to the man who handled a breakup in this manner:

Text messages showing a heated conversation with expressions of finality and comparison
u/xoxcoffeexox / reddit.com

3.Here's an ex who needs to get a clue:

Text message conversation with one person expressing missing the other, and a dispute over a past loan
u/MerryMir99 / reddit.com

4.And then we have Matt who won't ever take the hint:

A text conversation with one party expressing a wish to reconnect and the other declining the offer
u/THROWAWAY-Break9580 / reddit.com

5.Here's a jerk that also happens to be a walking idiot:

Text message conversation discussing personal health information and misunderstandings about STI transmission
Suitable_Accident_28 / reddit.com

6.Someone please help this guy out with his game:

Screen capture of a text message conversation with an invitation to meet up and a positive response
u/PretendCamel3989 / reddit.com

7.This guy who stalked a girl on her Instagram because he assumed her left swipe meant she was interested:

Image of a text conversation with redacted sections, showing a person questioning a match on a dating app
u/svgarysvveet / reddit.com

8.And this guy who boasted to his ex that he's talking to one of the girls he was interested in while they were together:

Screenshot of a text conversation where one person is upset the other gave their number to someone they both know
u/brilovee1 / reddit.com

9.And this absolute dickhead who doesn't deserve to have a partner:

Text messages discussing personal enjoyment of alone time versus finding someone who cares
u/mi_rosita / reddit.com

10.Here's a guy who ran into a woman he used to go to elementary school with then slid into her DMs like this:

Text messages on a phone screen displaying inappropriate content and attempted humor
u/lil-babz / reddit.com

11.This guy who dated this woman but casually left out the fact that he was married:

Text message exchange, one person asks about marriage, the other responds with respect and disbelief, then offers to talk
u/Gogol888 / reddit.com

12.This man's essay summed up his true colors:

Text message conversation, with one person expressing frustration about unmet expectations in a friendly relationship
u/Routine_Art_2437 / reddit.com

13.It's painful to read this man's one-star flirting interaction:

Text message exchange with flirtatious undertone; one party declines an advance, mentioning keeping their jerkin to themselves
u/lyssamareee / reddit.com

14.And this man's one-star "get to know you" text exchange is pitiful too:

Text exchange discussing personal matters and inability to have children
u/shadowhunter0787 / reddit.com

15.Finally, this asshat's text that reveals he will forever be a lonely boy:

Text message exchange with one person wanting a partner, not a problem, and the other seeking a woman, not a mentor
u/whoreforjesuschrist_ / reddit.com

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