15 Absolute Fails I Found On The Internet This Week That Were Literally So Funny I Had To Make A Post About Them

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the weekly post where I curate the internet's funniest fails from the past week. I hope you love 'em!

1. This grocery store trending page:

Twitter: @zetexkindasucks

2. This catfishing moment:

Twitter: @tyaraag

3. This bathroom sign:

Twitter: @vampsneverhurtu

4. This AI fail that shows it's really not a search engine (picture below):

Twitter: @importancatpete

A screenshot from a ChatGPT convo. The user prompts, "Greek philosopher with name starting with M," and ChatGPT replies "One famous Greek philosopher whose name starts with "M" is M Aristotle."

5.This moment:

someone sends a payment request of $5, the other shows their bank balance being $2.24 so the first person adjusts the payment request to $1

6. This beer at the Chiefs/Dolphins game this week. The temperature was -4ºF!

Twitter: @platinombrero

7. When you still think you're young, but the kids don't agree:

Twitter: @jessecase

8. This bartender:

Twitter: @oh_bloodynora

9. The fact that this was lost:

Twitter: @oneiromalakbel

10. Companies allegedly using ChatGPT to dropship, and not even putting in the effort to proof read:

Twitter: @IanColdwater

11. My condolences to the once-future Mrs. Galko:

Twitter: @joyci_schecter

12. (I know it's on purpose but still,) mixing up Abbott Elementary actor Chris Perfetti with Tom Holland:

The Hollywood Reporter / Via Twitter: @TheeDCstan

13. Naming your kid Jonald (no offense Jonald):

Twitter: @leisha1196

14. Getting this text from your mom:

Twitter: @camkrda

15. And finally, this typo following the Emmys last night:

Twitter: @ivymidnights

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