These Asian Ingredients Will Seriously Level Up Your Cooking (You're Welcome)


Bowl of rice topped with furikake seasoning

2.Chili Crisp Oil

Hand holding a jar of Asian pickles on a grocery store shelf. Label text is in Chinese

3.Kewpie Mayo

Two bottles of Kewpie mayonnaise lying diagonally with caps facing down, on white background near the red logo

4.Bonito Flakes

A wooden plate filled with thinly shaved dried bonito flakes

5.Fish Sauce

Two bottles of Red Boat fish sauce on a wooden surface, one small and one large


Bottle of Shirakiku Mirin next to a small, empty glass bowl on a table

7.Banana Ketchup

A hand holding a bottle of UFC brand ketchup beside a bowl of ketchup for a food article

8.Hot Mustard

A person's hands holding a half-eaten egg roll above a plate with more egg rolls and sauce packets

9.Li Hing Powder

Close-up of a package of Li Hing Powder on a retail shelf

10.Yuzu Kosho

Yuzu Kosho


A bowl of bibimbap with mixed vegetables, a sunny-side up egg, and a spoon lifting sauce


A container of ssamjang, a Korean dipping sauce made with a spicy red paste, illustrated with green onion and garnished on the label

13.Hoisin Sauce

Jars of Lee Kum Kee hoisin sauce on a shelf


Lemon and a bottle of Ponzu sauce with some sauce in a small dish

15.And finally, Bawang Goreng

Fried shallots on a wooden spoon next to whole shallots on a table

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