14 Skin-Crawling Photos That'll Have A Distressing Effect On Your Fragile Psyche

14 Skin-Crawling Photos That'll Have A Distressing Effect On Your Fragile Psyche

I needed to feel something this week (even if that feeling was fear), so I took a scroll through r/oddlyterrifying. These are the 14 photos that left me slack-jawed:

1."Millions of sardines mysteriously washed up on the shore in the Philippines, turning the coastline silver for miles."

A person collecting fish amidst a massive fish die-off on a beach
u/Micronlance / Via reddit.com

2."This creepy mold that formed from a plate of left out cat food."

Furry black object in a pan, resembling a wig, by a door
u/Double-Artichoke6010 / Via reddit.com

3."'Morgue chocolates,' made from molds of wounds found on bodies in a New York morgue."

An assortment of chocolates in various shapes, some wrapped in metallic foil
u/Lepke2011 / Via reddit.com

4."The eye of a gray whale."

Close-up of a fish eye, showing intricate details of its iris and surrounding scales
u/Green____cat / Via reddit.com

5."This king cobra got loose in my neighborhood."

Lost snake poster with image of a King Cobra, QR code for reporting sightings, and mention of a $8000 reward
u/mcnuggetfarmer / Via reddit.com

6."After I took this photo I realized that there was someone waiting for me at the end of the road."

Foggy night scene with a dimly lit street and parked cars, creating a mysterious atmosphere
u/Not-thesame / Via reddit.com

7."This ice formed in a water-filled pot and resembles a huge eye."

A frozen birdbath with a striking ice formation resembling an eye
u/Double-Artichoke6010 / Via reddit.com

8."This handful of 3D-printed dentures."

A hand holding a creatively folded dentures sculpture, resembling a fabric piece
u/xysmi / Via reddit.com

9."This hornet nest built around flood lights on a garage."

A wasp nest resembling a monster's face with two lights shining like eyes next to a cow skull with horns on a house exterior
u/Steak-n-Cigars / Via reddit.com

10."This totally normal bathroom."

Optical illusion bathroom with checkered pattern and mirror message saying "you look fine"
u/SpookyCoo / Via reddit.com

11."This whimsical art instillation in Boston."

Giant puppet heads suspended between buildings, whimsical street art installation
u/smzt / Via reddit.com

12."Trekking through a narrow mountaintop."

Person's legs visible walking on a narrow mountain ridge with a safety rope
u/Guest_4710 / Via reddit.com

13."An uncommon view of home."

Astronaut in a white spacesuit conducts a spacewalk with a view of Earth below
u/freudian_nipps / Via reddit.com

14.And finally, "Coffin size testers. Does every church have these?"

Ancient stone stocks used for public punishment next to a brick wall, no people present
u/BigL3704 / Via reddit.com