Restaurant creates 14 inch burger and is offering £1k to anybody who can eat it in less than 20 minutes

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Yunus Sevinik with the massive 14" burger. (SWNS)
Yunus Sevinik with the massive 14" burger. (SWNS)

Restaurants have had to re-think their business models during the coronavirus lockdown, with some offering takeaways and others, like this Preston-based kebab shop, offering up £1,000.

Yunis Sevinik of Kebabstan has created a mammoth 14 inch burger - which in normal circumstances could feed ten people.

He’s offering a £1,000 voucher to anybody who can polish off the burger in less than 20 minutes.

The giant meal - which weighs 4.5lbs - is the size of a large pizza and will set you back £35.

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Due to the current coronavirus restrictions in place, people aren’t able to head over to the takeaway restaurant to give it a go just yet, they’ll have to wait until restrictions have been lifted.

That hasn’t stopped three eager regulars from stepping up to the challenge and putting their name down as soon as it re-opens.

The burger would usually serve ten people. (SWNS)
The burger would usually serve ten people. (SWNS)

Sevinik prides himself on making fresh food with quality ingredients and created Kebabstan two years ago.

He described the challenge as “very popular” already, but he’s not so sure anybody will be able to rise to the challenge.

“They think they can, I don’t think so,” he admitted.

The burger - which is made from lamb and served complete with cheese, salad, pickled cucumber and tomato - first appeared on the menu three weeks ago, with people able to purchase it as a takeaway option.

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It’s impossible for the business owner to know whether or not he’s going to be handing over that £1,000 voucher until the lockdown restrictions lift.

There have been no official dates for restaurants to re-open, but pubs, restaurants and other businesses which fall into the “higher-risk” category must remain closed until the beginning of July at least.

While the restrictions continue, Sevinik is able to partially open his takeaway restaurant but with reduced hours and restrictions in place.

While putting new restrictions in place, he was forced to completely close for one week at the beginning of the lockdown on 23 March. This was a pivotal time for many small businesses who were adjusting to the new changes.

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Sevinik isn’t new to a food challenge either.

Last year he created a two metre long wrap which the winner managed to finish in just nine minutes. That’s right, nine minutes.

He has made a living from creating a more high-end kebab, which make his prices a little higher than you might expect from the classic kebab shop.

“This is my style. Whenever people ask me why are my prices a bit up I tell them I do home made, I don't buy cheap products.”

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