14 Best Spots For Pizza In Denver, According To A Local

Denver skyline and various pizzas
Denver skyline and various pizzas - Static Media / Shutterstock / Getty

Like most cities, Denver is home to an abundance of pizza joints. While this is great for pizza lovers, it can make finding the best spots time-consuming. Unless you know where to look, you risk ordering a bad pizza -- and nobody has time for that. Lucky for you, I've been a Denverite for over 20 years, and I've put in the work to find the best spots across the city. Whether you are in the mood for authentic Neapolitan, Detroit, New Haven, or New York-style pizza, there's a top-notch option nearby.

I created a list of the best pizza spots in Denver based on my personal experiences sampling places all over the city. From perfectly baked crusts and delectable sauces to premium toppings and ingredients, the places on this list showcase Denver's pizza scene at its very best. Keep reading to discover what all my time exploring the city's options has taught me so you never have to stomach a lousy pie or slice in the Mile High City again.

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Blue Pan Pizza

Blue Pan Detroit-style pizza
Blue Pan Detroit-style pizza - Blue Pan Pizza/Facebook

I've been known to change my mind frequently, but Blue Pan Pizza is definitely in the running for my all-time favorite pizza in the Mile High City. I'm partial to thick-crust pies in general, and other folks have ranked Blue Pan's Detroit-style pie as one of the best pizzas in the U.S. for the same reason.

There are a few things that make Detroit-style pizza unique. It has a spongy, airy dough and caramelized cheese-crusted edges due to the special pans it's baked in. Detroit's not like any other pie around, and Blue Pan does it right. It makes its pies with whole milk mozzarella, brick white cheddar, and an array of premium, creative toppings. If thick crusts aren't for you, Blue Pan also offers a Chicago thin-crust and New York-style pizza, too. But seriously, why bother when you have the option to enjoy its signature, award-winning Detroit?

My favorite is the Sweetie Pie, which features fresh pineapple, house-pickled jalapeños, ricotta, oregano, Pecorino Romano, and bacon. I get it without the bacon, but you really can't go wrong with the signature pie. I recommend ordering a small four-corner pizza because it ensures that every slice is a coveted corner piece, complete with two sides of crispy caramelized cheese crust.

Multiple locations in Colorado

Denver Pizza Company

various Denver Pizza Company pizzas
various Denver Pizza Company pizzas - Denver Pizza Company/Facebook

Denver Pizza Company, which has been slinging pies since 2009, is a favorite of locals (myself included). Its special pizzas are inspired by an old family recipe, utilize fresh produce, and have a beer-battered crust. These components make for gourmet delivery pizzas that folks can't get enough of.

The restaurant specializes in thin-crust and Denver-style deep-dish pizza. I prefer the deep-dish style, but the thin-crust pies are just as tasty. You'll find an array of creative specialty pizzas with toppings like green chile sauce, chorizo, and artichoke hearts. It even offers vegan cheese and gluten-free crusts to accommodate varying dietary preferences. If you're in the mood for something sweet, you can also grab a taste of Colorado's favorite Little Man ice cream. No matter what kind of pizza you prefer, you're bound to find something that fits your palate at this Denver pizza staple.

Multiple locations in Colorado

Bar Dough

Bar Dough's Salsiccia pizza
Bar Dough's Salsiccia pizza - Bar Dough/Facebook

Bar Dough is unlike your typical pizza joint. It's an upscale Italian restaurant with a modern vibe — but don't worry — you won't have to dress up to visit. This Highlands neighborhood spot prides itself on its use of locally sourced seasonal ingredients, and when it comes to the pizza, you can really taste the difference. The drool-worthy sauce stands out most for me on Bar Dough's pizzas. It's perfectly seasoned and has the ideal balance of sweet, spicy, and savory flavors.

Bar Dough's ever-changing menu reflects the seasons, but you can always get a classic Margherita pizza. If you like spicy foods, try the Salsiccia pizza with mozzarella di bufala, fennel sausage, spicy orange honey, rapini, and spicy red sauce. The menu also features delectable handmade pastas, desserts, and more. It's the perfect balance of gourmet and casual, which is why I love it so much.

(720) 664-5309

2227 W 32nd Ave, Denver, CO 80211

Benny Blanco's Slice Of The Bronx

large slice of pepperoni pizza
large slice of pepperoni pizza - bennyblancospizza/Instagram

If you're looking for a no-frills pizza counter serving authentic New York-style slices, Benny Blanco's Slice of the Bronx has you covered. You won't find any seating at this pizza joint; it's the definition of a hole in the wall, but the enormous slices hit the spot when you're in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. The shop makes full-size pies, too, but most people come for a slice or two.

Benny Blanco's is open until 10 p.m. most nights, but it's open until 3 a.m. Thursday through Saturday and midnight on Sundays, so it's my go-to spot for late-night munchies after a concert or drinks in the area. I've spent a lot of time waiting in line for a taste of this after-hours pizza, but it's been worth it every time. With its oversized slices and perfect amount of toppings and cheese, it knows how to do New York-style pizza right. The garlic knots, wings, and calzones aren't bad, either.

(303) 831-9068

616 E 13th Ave, Denver, CO 80203

Pizzeria Lui

various pizzas and garlic sticks
various pizzas and garlic sticks - Pizzeria Lui

Pizzeria Lui is on the outskirts of town. Actually, it's in Lakewood -- but its unbelievably delicious pizzas make going out of the way a non-factor. From its use of high-quality crusts and cheese to creative topping offerings, you really can't ask for much else from a top-quality pizza joint. I love how each pie comes with a bubbly crust that is slightly charred in some places, which leads to complex flavors and the perfect texture throughout. This spot has a couple of tables but is mainly takeout-based, so I recommend calling to order ahead.

The last time I visited, Colorado peaches were in season and I had the opportunity to enjoy a pie with fresh basil and mozzarella, grilled peaches, balsamic reduction, and hot honey. While this pizza is only available seasonally, I still drool when I think about it, and it's a great example of Pizzeria Lui's seasonal specials. In addition to pizza, the garlic bread sticks and the hot honey, which can be swirled on your pizza or served on the side for dipping, are must-try menu items.

(303) 922-3202

5380 W Mississippi Ave, Lakewood, CO 80226

Slice Works Pizza

Slice Works pizza with toppings
Slice Works pizza with toppings - sliceworkspizza/Instagram

As the name suggests, Slice Works is a top-notch place for pizza. You can get a whole pie, but you can also buy some of its signature pizzas by the slice.

Some of the more unique specialty pizzas include a Big Mac pizza with beef patties, pickles, special sauce, and more, and a jalapeño popper pizza with grape jelly, jalapeños, and cream cheese. Of course, if you're not feeling adventurous, there are plenty of classic topping options as well. The menu also features yummy plates of pasta, salads, and Sicilian slices.

One of my favorite things about this spot is that they give you a complimentary "snack" (an extra-small slice of pizza) while you wait for your order. It doesn't take long to heat up slices, but still, who turns down free pizza, right? Regardless, it's definitely one of my top three places for pizza in the city.

Multiple locations in Colorado

Redeemer Pizza

boxes of various Redeemer pizzas
boxes of various Redeemer pizzas - Redeemer Pizza/Facebook

Redeemer Pizza is known for premium pies served in a casual, low-key environment. It's located in the trendy RINO neighborhood, which makes it a great place to stop while exploring the local breweries and bars nearby. The space features options for indoor dining, as well as a slice window and heated patio for enjoying a meal outdoors. I've never eaten inside since the slice window has everything I could ever want from a pizza experience.

Redeemer prides itself on making a naturally leavened sourdough crust that is perfectly textured and not too heavy. The dough is what makes the pizza at Redeemer so amazing, but the use of seasonal, local ingredients takes it to another level. While I've tried several different pizzas on the Redeemer menu, the cacio e pepe and Sicilian cheese are my favorite. My friends really like the hoagies, too.

(720) 780-1379

2705 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80205

White Pie

New Haven-style pizza
New Haven-style pizza - White Pie

White Pie, owned by the Wellenta family, is a neighborhood pizza place with lots of familial charm. It shares its love for pizza and Italian tradition with every pie it serves. The shop specializes in Sicilian and New Haven-style pizza -- and both types are exceptional. Although the menu includes more than just pizza, you'd be a fool not to order a pie for the table (at the very least).

My favorite pizza at White Pie is the Fuggetaboutit. It comes with red sauce, double garlic, kalamata olives, and just a touch of Pecorino Romano cheese. I know it's a bit basic compared to the other options, but the sauce and double garlic make my mouth water just thinking about it. There are also a couple of pies with fresh arugula on top that I love.

White Pie's space is casual and friendly, making it perfect for groups, families, and parties of almost any size. It features long communal tables, a bar surrounding the pizza oven, and an approachable vibe overall. When I visited, it was bustling with energy, and everyone appeared to be just as happy about being there as I was.

Multiple locations in Colorado

Giordano's Pizza

Giordano's Chicago deep dish pizza
Giordano's Chicago deep dish pizza - Giordano's Pizza (Downtown Denver)/Facebook

Giordano's sets the standard for Chicago-style deep-dish pizza. Lucky for Denverites, it has a spot in the Mile High City now, so you can get a taste of these delicious pies without traveling to Chicago. Several things make Chicago-style deep-dish unique, including its thick crust piled high with toppings and a sauce that's poured on top. New Yorkers may deny this rendition of the classic recipe should even be called pizza, but honestly, it's one of my favorites.

Giordano's, which has a location close to the 16th Street Mall, is a fantastic place to fill up before exploring the downtown area. I recommend ordering a small or medium-sized pizza because they tend to hold up better under the weight of the ingredients. Large pies turn into a big mess, at least in my experience, and while there are several ways to reheat deep-dish pizza, enjoying it after its first bake is ideal. The obvious choice at Giordano's is deep-dish pizza, but they also serve tavern-style thin-crust and pan pizzas.

Multiple locations in Colorado

Homegrown Tap & Dough

Pigs and Pears pizza
Pigs and Pears pizza - Homegrown Tap & Dough/Facebook

Traditional Italian cuisine and Colorado style unite at Homegrown Tap & Dough. From delicious pasta to local craft beers to phenomenal wood-fired pizza, you really can't ask for much else. The Wash Park location also has a lovely patio, cool ski decor, and excellent happy hour specials (and yes, pizza is included). I love coming here to meet friends for happy hour, complete with glasses of wine and a pizza, in the summer.

I know all the food on Homegrown's menu is delicious, but only because my friends have explored the various options. I ordered pizza the first time I went and can't seem to order anything else -- except for garlic Parmesan french fries. The pizza toppings are locally sourced and change frequently, so don't be surprised if your favorite pizza is gone one day (it even happened to me once). Still, one of the most popular pizzas not expected to go anywhere anytime soon is the Pigs & Pears -- with butternut squash, arugula, candied pears, bacon, balsamic, goat cheese, Parmesan, and mozzarella atop a roasted garlic base.

Multiple locations in Colorado

Fat Sully's

person holding large pizza slice
person holding large pizza slice - Fat Sully/Facebook

The Atomic Cowboy is an incredible bar, but it's also home to two restaurant concepts: The Denver Biscuit Co. and Fat Sully's. The latter is known for serving some of the best New York-style pizza in the city. It isn't fancy by any means, but the massive slices with classic toppings are guaranteed to satisfy any pizza craving. In addition to red sauce, you can also order slices with white sauce. I personally prefer the red with a side of its incredible ranch dressing.

Since its inception, Fat Sully's menu has grown, and it now features burgers, salads, and more. Still, the pizza is where it's at. The top-notch pizza aims to please, whether you order it from the walk-up slice window or sit at the adjoining bar. Most locations are open late during the week and on weekends, so it's perfect for late-night munchies, too.

Multiple locations in Colorado

Happy Camper Pizza

hands slicing Happy Camper pizza
hands slicing Happy Camper pizza - Happy Camper Pizza/Facebook

Happy Camper Pizza has one of the best and most extensive patios in the entire city. In addition to being massive in size, it also has fire pits, creative seating options, and a party vibe complete with countless disco balls and neon lights. The space also has a huge bar inside, so it's a fantastic place for enjoying drinks on a sunny day. I'm not big into breakfast food, so I love coming here for brunch with friends because everyone can order what they want. Plus, it's one of my go-to spots for happy hour in the summer.

Aside from the unbeatable, Instagram-worthy ambiance, Happy Camper also serves delicious pizza. The crust is thin enough to char up perfectly while baking, and the menu features a wide range of classic and creative toppings. My favorite non-traditional option is the street corn pizza with cotija cheese, roasted corn, avocado crema, cream cheese, cilantro, and Tajin. My friends also love the Josh with barbecue sauce, jalapeños, pulled pork, and pineapple.

(720) 259-1044

3211 N Pecos St, Denver, CO 80211

Marco's Coal Fired

Marco's Coal Fired margherita pizza
Marco's Coal Fired margherita pizza - marcoscoalfired/Instagram

Whenever I go to a baseball game at Coors Field, I always stop by Marco's Coal Fired. It has quick, counter-service slices -- and it's located near all the downtown action. Don't get me wrong, it's definitely worth checking out, even if there isn't a game.

Although it might seem odd given its name, Marco's authentic Neapolitan-style pizzas are wood-fired at 900 F. After only 60 seconds, the thin crust is baked to crisp perfection. The pizzas even have the signature charred crust, which is something that makes Neapolitan pizzas unique. All of its pies feature premium toppings, too, which becomes apparent with a single bite. You'll even find vegan and gluten-free options on the menu.

Marco's also has a new restaurant called Dough Counter, which specializes in New York and Sicilian-style pizza. I haven't had a chance to go yet, but if it's anything like Marco's, it's sure to be a big hit.

Multiple locations in Colorado

Cart-Driver In Denver

Cart-Driver pizzas on table
Cart-Driver pizzas on table - Cart-Driver

Cart-Driver, a shop known for serving authentic Italian pizza, won't steer you wrong. Its pies are the epitome of deliciousness and they always come out with just the right amount of char, toppings, and sauce to make any Italian proud. The oysters on the half shell and antipasti plates are also well-loved.

The first time I visited, I ordered Cart-Driver's Daisy -- a basic pizza with mozzarella and basil. I like to gauge a place based on its cheese pizza, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. The next time, I opted for the Potato with rainbow chard, peppadews, raclette, and crème fraîche, and it was even tastier.

Cart-Driver offers two locations, one in the RINO neighborhood and the other in HILO. I frequent the RINO location, which is housed in a shipping container, and features counter service ordering, indoor dining, and two patios. It's a great place for gourmet pizza with an incredibly laid-back atmosphere. Cart-Driver also has two happy hours: one from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. and the other from 10 p.m. to midnight.

Multiple locations in Denver


Denver skyline at sunset
Denver skyline at sunset - Roschetzky Photography/Shutterstock

My experience living in Denver for over 20 years helped me determine which places would make this list. Admittedly, I'm partial to thick crust and wood-fired pizza, so you'll find a bunch of these styles in my roundup. Regardless, I've sampled enough spots across the city to include a wide array of different pizza styles in my collection of Denver's best spots.

Although I can attest to the high-quality pizza at these locations, seeing as I have been to all of them at least once (and many of them multiple times), I also utilized recommendations from friends and fellow pizza lovers. In addition to my personal style preferences and reputation, I prioritized places that offer premium ingredients, creative toppings, expertly baked crusts, and drool-worthy sauces. While not all the pizza joints on my list offer an unbeatable vibe, or even seating for that matter, some places also made the list because of their funky, cool ambiance, decor, and good service all around. Of course, the pizza is excellent, too, but sometimes the setting makes a world of difference.

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