14 Best Cheese Subscription Boxes For Any Occasion

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Cheese comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors, whether it's a giant wheel, a wedge, or a chunk of blue. With around 2,000 varieties to choose from, you'd have to be pretty serious about your cheese to taste them all. While that might not be feasible unless you're traveling to the many cheese-making regions of the world (or it's your job to eat cheese), you can still take a step in that direction from the comfort of your home.

Given the rise of various delivery services in recent years, it's no surprise that an ever-increasing number of cheese shops have started offering subscription boxes to enchant customers hungry for variety. With options ranging from a couple of pieces every month to an assortment complete with crackers and wine pairing suggestions, there are plenty of ways to get your cheesy fix. Some cheese clubs highlight specific features -- such as offering regional specialties each month -- while others help feed your pre-existing plans, like date night or movie viewing. Additionally, keep in mind that many companies ask for a year-round commitment. Shorter timeframes are offered, but be sure to read the fine print to avoid any automatic renewals or unforeseen shipping charges.

Of course, no matter your preference, there's plenty of options for cheesy deliveries. With that in mind, here are the best cheese subscription boxes across the U.S. for any and every occasion.

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Antonelli's Cheese

assortment of cheeses and gourmet snacks
assortment of cheeses and gourmet snacks - Antonelli's Cheese / Facebook

Antonelli's Cheese in Austin, Texas, was founded by a husband and wife passionate about making people happy with cheese. The duo and several staff members are Certified Cheese Professionals (a real accreditation by the American Cheese Society) and use their knowledge to curate the subscription box. Available for pick up at the store or nationwide shipping, you can choose between three, six, or 12 months of cheese for yourself or a cheese-loving friend.

Each delivery brings a variety of four to five options along with descriptions and the option to watch interactive videos with even more info about the products. If you opt for the Deluxe pack, you'll also receive a gourmet pairing to go with the cheese, such as crackers, jams, and preserves. The selection contains an assortment of cheeses made with cow, sheep, goat, and water buffalo milk, providing a balanced mix. You can't customize the boxes, but the variety makes it perfect for anyone looking to taste something new.

The boxes are each based on a theme, with three variations in the rotation. Meet the Maker focuses on specific cheese artisans (domestic and international), highlighting their style and unique characteristics. There's also a deep dive into geography with Taste of Place, which features a specific region, such as the Alps or coastal areas. Finally, One of a Kind focuses on certain attributes of cheese, such as those made with goat's milk.

Rogue Creamery

assorted cheeses and preserves
assorted cheeses and preserves - Rogue Creamery / Facebook

Rogue Creamery in Southern Oregon began as a small-scale co-op in the 1930s, bringing the area's artisanal dairy farmers together. Since then, the business has expanded internationally, but the same attention to detail and quality remains, resulting in a number of awards for the hand-crafted cheeses. The creamery was the first in Oregon to produce blue cheese and its cheddar was a significant source of fuel for troops during World War II.

The Cheese Club Subscription is a quarterly shipment (once every season) that offers a taste of the creamery along with an extra goodie or two. Rogue only makes blue and cheddar cheeses, but there are enough renditions with extra flavorings such as herbs or spices to prevent the box from becoming repetitive. The summer 2024 selection conveniently includes an insulated cooler bag (decorated with a cow) to keep your cheeses chilled for a sunny picnic. Past boxes have included pecan biscuits, marmalade, or a chocolate bar to accompany the salty options. The box also comes with tasting notes and delicious suggestions to pair with your cheeses.

The Gourmet Cheese Of The Month Club

three pieces of cheese
three pieces of cheese - The Gourmet Cheese of the Month Club

The Gourmet Cheese of the Month Club knows that scarcity often adds value for connoisseurs -- whether collecting rare wines or tasting novel cheeses. The original cheese club was founded 30 years ago, eventually branching out to include The Rare Cheese Club, perfect for turophiles looking for something out of the ordinary. The monthly subscription box comes with three different artisanal cheeses that feature a rare or unique detail.

The small-batch products are hard to source due to their limited volume or geographic specificity, making it even more of a treat to open the shipments every month. The assorted cheeses are often made with uncommon kinds of milk, sourced from farms with only grass-fed animals. Along with the array of dairy, members receive tasting notes, stories about the cheesemakers, and in-depth information regarding each product. Food and wine pairing suggestions and optimal serving recommendations make it easy to set up a tasting session with fellow cheese lovers, transforming this monthly box into an occasion.

Cheesemonger Box

assorted cheeses on board
assorted cheeses on board - Cheesemonger Box / Facebook

Cheesemonger Box offers plenty of options to suit your cheese consumption while highlighting artisan cheeses from near and far. With products sourced from American creameries and farmers along with European imports, the selection always offers something new to taste. Test out the service by starting with a single box of three curated cheeses with optional add-ons, or try the Build Your Own Box option and choose three from a list of 20 or so cheeses. Once you're convinced about the quality (and you will be), level up with a subscription box.

This service allows users to choose between three, six, nine, or 12 months of deliveries, each offered as a classic or signature selection. The former includes three freshly-cut wedges of cheese that vary monthly, with options such as Basque sheep's milk cheese, Vermont cheddar, and blue. Meanwhile, the latter consists of the same trio, along with gourmet extras such as crackers, spreads, and charcuterie. The package doesn't leave you in the dark about the contents, either; additional details about the relevant cheesemongers and cheeses and pairing suggestions are provided with each shipment.

Cheese Grotto

cheeses salami preserves and biscuits
cheeses salami preserves and biscuits - Cheese Grotto / Facebook

Cheese Grotto offers monthly or quarterly subscription packages for cheese lovers. With a strong belief in tradition and small-scale production, the company aims to promote all the delightful nuances of American artisan cheese with surprises in every shipment. You can even store your tasty assortment in a cheese grotto, which are snazzy humidified boxes that prove you're playing in the big leagues of cheese fans.

The monthly delivery features a selection of three cheeses, highlighting a particular style that typically complements the seasons. For example, May 2024 emphasizes springtime with a trio of goat cheeses with flower petals, fresh herbs, and citrusy notes. For an extra fee, you can receive crackers and pairings, such as orange blossom honey, and customize your delivery by selecting cheese and milk preferences -- so if you're not a fan of blue cheese, you never have to see it.

Meanwhile, the quarterly Meet the Makers subscription places an American cheesemaker front and center. Subscribers receive two to four generous pieces of cheese made by the producer and have the chance to meet them via Zoom. The educational session includes plenty of information about the cheesemaking region, process, and specific products. If you're looking to nerd out over cheese, you won't be disappointed.


cheese box selection on counter
cheese box selection on counter - Curdbox / Facebook

Curdbox offers total flexibility for cheese enthusiasts with the option to pay one month at a time or spring for the whole year at once. Perhaps you're looking to expand your cheese repertoire for summertime picnics but are less interested in a cheese board in the cooler months. Whatever the reason, Curdbox makes it easy, and rewards dedicated cheese eaters with discounts on longer subscriptions, as well as free shipping for all.

Always different, the boxes include a variety of three cheeses, along with three gourmet food pairings (such as preserves, relishes, crackers, and charcuterie). Subscribers also receive food and wine pairing suggestions, a blog post detailing the cheese's origins and qualities, a themed playlist, and a podcast (aka curdcast). You might as well gather your cheese-loving friends and make a night out of tasting the products -- with the suggested wines, of course -- dancing to the cheesy beats, and getting educated on all things cheese.


cheese spread with garnishes
cheese spread with garnishes - iGourmet

Any package labeled as a Connoisseur's Cheese Subscription is sure to pique the interest of avid cheese consumers -- and iGourmet's box does just that. With over 25 years in operation, iGourmet and its cheese experts are dedicated to curating a one-of-a-kind selection for cheese lovers, providing a sensory experience that is more than the sum of its parts. Aside from the cheese, there's plenty of information about the products along with pairing suggestions, ensuring you become a genuine connoisseur as the months go by.

The delivery includes three to four cheese varieties based on a seasonal theme, with the option to pay month by month or for the full year. You'll also receive two treats to accompany the selection, making it easy to set up a cheese-fueled meal upon receiving your shipment. Some thematic box examples include Salad Favorites, featuring marinated feta, crumbly blue cheese, salty halloumi, Parmigiano Reggiano, and Italian crackers.

Artisanal Premium Cheese

cheese club selection on counter
cheese club selection on counter - Artisanal Cheese / Facebook

With origins in a Michelin-star restaurant in New York City, Artisanal Premium Cheese has always valued high quality products and cheese pairings. Aside from perfecting the art of cheese maturation, the brand came up with the CheeseClock, a tasting technique for progressing from mild to bold cheeses without overwhelming your palate. With all this knowledge backing it up, it's no surprise Artisanal Premium Cheese offers a subscription service to deliver delicious tasting experiences across the country.

Every month, members of the Artisanal Cheese Club receive four types of cheeses from each of the Cheese Clock quadrants: mild, medium, bold, and strong. This allows customers to taste a range of products with various flavor profiles, further widening their cheesy horizons. It's also the ideal box if you want to consume the cheeses as part of a cheese board, since you'll have all the variety you need. Additionally, the selection includes notes about the cheeses, producers, and wine and beer pairings to complete any occasion. The company also offers a junior subscription option that only consists of two types of cheese if you want a more modest delivery.

Cheese Brothers

box with mixed cheeses
box with mixed cheeses - Cheese Brothers / Facebook

Based in Barron, Wisconsin, Cheese Brothers showcases the state's finest cheese products with its Wisconsin Cheese of the Month Club. The company's products are all natural, containing only simple seasonings alongside fresh dairy. With a cheesemaking story spanning over a century, these bros (though not by birth) continue to make cheese the traditional way. The brand is available exclusively online as of May 2024, so you can be sure the customer service is a well-oiled machine.

There are a variety of subscription options -- ranging from one to 12 months in length -- to receive a curated box of seasonal cheeses at your doorstep. The deliveries include five to eight food products from Wisconsin, including an assortment of cheeses and other gourmet treats to go with the tasting, such as jam, honey, and charcuterie. You'll also get plenty of information about the items, along with recipe ideas and pairing suggestions to enjoy your cheeses at their best. To keep it fun and exciting, a little surprise pops up with each delivery, too.

Williams Sonoma

six months of cheese subscriptions
six months of cheese subscriptions - Williams Sonoma

If you're in the market for a multitude of cheese subscription options, you can't go wrong with Williams Sonoma. The cookware and gourmet goods company offers several different cheese boxes to purchase based on your preference. Most are available for a duration of three, six, or 12 months, offering plenty of flexibility to suit anyone's needs.

For a preview of what a year-long subscription could offer, try three months of Cheese Crates. Each month focuses on a different theme, highlighting single, domestic, and international producers. You'll receive various other gourmet treats to transform your box into a veritable feast, as well. Or keep it local with the multi-month U.S. cheese subscription, featuring almost 40 different varieties of cheese throughout the year. Each monthly shipment gives you the best of what an American state, region, or producer has to offer. The artisanal cheeses are limited production, making them an excellent gift for the cheese connoisseur in your life (even if it's you).

If you're curious about European cheeses, there's a subscription package for that, too, with Italian, French, and Spanish products. Finally, if you can't decide what to get, try it all with the World Cheese subscription for a taste of European and American cheeses. For the makings of a charcuterie and cheese board, select the combo subscription and savor a wide assortment of salty goods each month.

Di Bruno Bros.

three cheeses with garnishes
three cheeses with garnishes - Di Bruno Bros.

Di Bruno Bros. has been making cheesy dreams come true for more than 80 years, with a constantly evolving selection of cheeses made by passionate gourmands. Based in Philadelphia, the company continues to expand, reaching cheese lovers across the country with its subscription clubs. Two monthly cheese clubs are available: Eat Like a Cheesemonger and Cheese Pairing 101. You can select four, eight, or 13 months of deliveries, the latter of which includes a free month for good measure.

Cheese Pairing 101 is a good option for people looking to step out of their usual repertoire and taste something new. Each shipment includes two types of cheeses and two extra food pairings, such as jellies, nuts, or crackers. Once you've expanded your dairy desires, it's time to try the Eat Like a Cheesemonger box, which doubles the quantity of cheese and pairings to appeal to true turophiles. Selected by the company's vice president of culinary pioneering, this monthly assortment is curated with a theme in mind, be it seasonal or culinary. The extra food pairings could be a luxurious tin of caviar or a flavored oil, highlighting the finest the store has to offer.

Murray's Cheese

cheese board subscription box
cheese board subscription box - Murray's Cheese / Facebook

You might need to make your way through every subscription option offered by Murray's Cheese, because they're that exciting. With five choices featuring international and domestic products shipped for a duration of three, six, or 12 months, cheese lovers are sure to be satisfied with endless munching.

If you're looking for an assortment to take your cheese consumption up to the next level, try the Cheese Board Club. Each shipment includes four to five types of cheese, charcuterie, and pairing suggestions, along with recommendations about displaying your cheeses for maximum appeal. Meanwhile, Cheers to Cheese Club provides subscribers with a selection of three cheeses and a monthly drink pairing suggestion, complete with tasting notes and facts.

For more of a thematic twist, the Globetrotter's Cheese Club highlights specific cheesemaking regions around the world, featuring three samples of top products. True cheese fans will love the Cheese Explorer's Club, which offers a taste of two unique cheeses and a pairing, along with an educational component to boost your knowledge. Finally, if you prefer gooey melted cheese, you can't go wrong with the Mac and Cheese Club delivery, which includes portions of a classic mac and cheese recipe and a club-exclusive variation.

Harry & David

cheese board with wine
cheese board with wine - Harry & David / Facebook

Harry & David is a reliable source of gourmet goods, and the company has mastered the art of preparing enticing boxes packed with treats. Cheese is on the menu, too, with a few different options to suit your fancy. There's a basic (though no less delicious) option with the Artisanal Cheese Club, offering a taste of fine cheeses from around the world. Harry & David really shines with its more elaborate selections, such as the Fruit and Cheese Club or Wine & Cheese Pairing Club (or a combination of all three items). These are available for intervals between three and 12 months, allowing foodies to test different clubs before opting for a yearly subscription.

The Fruit and Cheese Club features far more than apples and grapes, with delicious options like perfectly ripe mangoes, strawberries and Devonshire cream, or Oregold peaches. Each monthly shipment comes with a fruit and cheese pairing, highlighting complementary flavors for the ultimate gustatory experience. The Wine & Cheese Pairing Club offers customers a taste of wines from Harry & David Vineyards, along with one type of cheese to pair. For example, sip on a glass of pinot gris as you nibble on a wedge of cheddar Gruyère. If you want it all, the Fruit, Wine, and Cheese Club is an obvious solution.

Jasper Hill Farm

packaged cheese spread with flowers
packaged cheese spread with flowers - Jasper Hill Farm / Facebook

Jasper Hill Farm in Greensboro, Vermont is a top player in the cheese field, with plenty of national and international acclaim to back it up. With two creameries and a sprawling aging cellar that allows cheeses to reach their full potential, everything coming out of this farm is a delight. Jasper Hill Farm produces a wide variety of cheeses, including bloomy and washed rinds, hard, blue, and alpine. Get your hands on the best by joining the Cheese Club, available on a monthly basis with the option to pause or switch your subscription as needed.

The club box includes three types of cheeses and three pairings, providing an elevated experience to savor the gourmet products in a number of ways. With exclusive products that aren't for sale on the online shop, customers can expect a one-of-a-kind gourmet box. Pairings like herbal tea, shortbread cookies, and more truly make it an exciting moment when your monthly shipment arrives in the mail.

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