13 Twitter reactions to Beyoncé's nail change

Laura Capon
Photo credit: Getty Images

From Cosmopolitan

Last night, 5,407 miles away, Beyoncé painted her nails and sent the entire Internet into a Tweeting frenzy.

If you're wondering why Bey's Sunday manicure has caused so much fuss, it's because she just so happened to do it midway between her epic Coachella performance (yes the exact same performance that had Adele dancing in her trackies).

For most of us, painting our nails brings the same level of distain as washing our makeup brushes, but if Beyoncé can manage to do it whilst simultaneously performing 24 songs, reuniting with Destiny's Child and handling a wardrobe malfunction, we think we can just about manage to spare 30 minutes of our Sunday Netflix and chill schedule.

Photo credit: Getty Images

But before we attend to our chipped manicure, here are the best Twitter reactions to Beyonce's mid show nail change.