13 Screenshots Of The Wildest Messages Toxic Dads Had The Gall To Send Their Kids

1.This dad who demanded their child give him money on Christmas:

A father demands his child send him money, the child refuses, the father says he needs a new car, his child says they don't care, and the father says "have a bad Christmas"

2.This dad who minimized his child's achievement:

A Facebook post from a father congratulating his daughter for graduating top of her class, then says "I may be exaggerating a little (maybe a lot) by saying the top"
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3.This dad who made his son pay half the electricity bill, even though he barely made any money:

The father says he should be given credit for providing a house and food, the child says "wow you didn't leave your kid on the street, congratulations," and the father says "stop making disgusting comments"
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4.This dad who abruptly took away his child's healthcare:

The child says Happy Thanksgiving, and the father responds "Pfft, BTW, I'm canceling your health insurance. You're 19 and should have a job that provides that"
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5.This dad who overreacted because his daughter didn't answer her phone for a while:

A series of unanswered texts from a father to his daughter that first say he doesn't want to see her boyfriend, then he will report her car stolen, and finally he won't be giving her $50 anymore
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6.This dad who threatened to send his kid to bootcamp because he didn't get the haircut he was told to:

A father says "I hope you got a shortcut haircut like I told you to," his child says they got the same haircut they always get, and the father says "get ready for bootcamp"
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7.This dad who wouldn't let their kid borrow an umbrella because it was part of the "doomsday" supplies:

Dad says anything taken from the bunker room must be signed out with a form sign by him, Mom says "for an umbrella?" and Dad says he's adding a keypad lock to the bunker
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8.This dad who texted their kid to unlike a Facebook post:

The father texts that he's disturbed that his child liked a post about being unbaptized, the child says they must have liked it on accident, the father asks them to unlike it
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9.This dad who told his daughter to stay "pure" as long as possible:

Daughter says not hurting her feelings is sexy, and her father responds "not allowed to bring up sexy until you're 42" and anything that implies she's not "pure" is not allowed near him
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10.This dad who threatened to not help his kid with college tuition:

A father asks his child if they're going to meet at the restaurant, the child says no, so they dad says he's withdrawing his FAFSA information
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11.This dad who demanded their child let him track them:

A series of texts over the span of several days from a father who demands his child speak to him, then threatens to turn off cell service if the child doesn't turn location settings on
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12.This dad who threw away his kids' boots because they were in his way:

Kids' boots are lined up outside a door; a father texts his family a picture of the boots and says he's sick of seeing the boots there and "you're gonna learn the hard way"
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13.And lastly, this dad who gave his adult child a curfew:

The father texts his child to say they need to be back by 8:30, the child responds "I'm 21," and the father says "come home at once or I will revoke your phone privileges"
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