The 13 Best Baked Potatoes In The US, According To Customer Reviews

baked potato with bacon, chives, cheese, and sour cream
baked potato with bacon, chives, cheese, and sour cream - eattwicebaked / Instagram

The baked potato: both humble and upscale, and tirelessly versatile. Its fluffy insides are the perfect vehicle for bacon bits, sour cream, and chives, yet a simple pat of butter and a sprinkle of salt is enough to enhance the potato's subtle flavor. But what if you want to skip the many at-home baked potato mistakes you can make and just eat a delicious spud at a restaurant? Across the nation, eateries dream up loaded baked potato creations smothered in savory sauces and packed with diverse toppings. Proteins like lobster, brisket, and oxtail feature alongside lighter selections like fresh or sauteed veggies. And at fine dining restaurants, baked (or twice-baked) potatoes adorned with truffles or caviar produce rave reviews.

Considering how many establishments almost exclusively serve loaded potatoes, you might think that to rank amongst the best in the country, a baked potato must be stuffed with a buffet's worth of ingredients and its massive size should qualify as a full meal. Not so. Loaded potatoes are an awesome treat, yet restraint also goes a long way. Looking at customer reviews, we've tracked down the country's most elite baked potatoes, and the results tell the story of how diverse a baked potato can be.

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1. Loaded Potatoes: Anything's Baked Potato In Austin

Closeup of loaded baked potato with chicken and shrimp
Closeup of loaded baked potato with chicken and shrimp - anythingsbakedpotato / Instagram

Ordering a baked potato from a food truck might not be your first impulse, but maybe it should be. Many U.S. food truck operations are doing the baked potato proud, and Anything's Baked Potato of Austin, Texas is a leader in this market. Established in 2019, Anything's Baked Potato is a Black-owned business specializing in oversized loaded potatoes with Southern flair.

You can build your own potato at Anything's, but taking advantage of the expertly prepared menu items is a no-brainer. Classics like fried chicken and country gravy are baked potato's ultimate comfort food co-stars here, while Cajun fusion loaded potatoes have remained a top item for years.

As one customer wrote on Facebook, "I went to Anything's Baked Potato for the first time today and was Amazed! The potato is huge enough to share. I got Cajun it was loaded with shrimp, andouille sausage and chicken. But that sauce OMG!! It was so delicious with just enough spice." Another fan seconded this, writing, "My potato was amazing BUT the seasoning and items ON TOP OF MY POTATO WAS INCREDIBLE !!!!!!!

Anything's Baked Potato

1326 Rosewood Avenue

Austin, Texas 78702

(512) 243-7702

2. Kaspian Potato: The Nines In Manhattan

Closeup of baked potato topped with caviar
Closeup of baked potato topped with caviar - thenines_nyc / Instagram

In New York City, food trends hit with the speed of an express subway train and often disappear just as quickly. Some fads — like the caviar-topped baked potato — are lavish to the point of frivolity. Then again, diners at The Nines in Manhattan don't find baked potato with caviar frivolous ... they find it awesome.

The Kaspian Potato is named for the now-viral baked potato from Caviar Kaspia, a luxe Parisian restaurant that opened in 1927 and added a Manhattan location in February 2023. The Nines came on the scene in January 2022, a retro-elegant piano lounge where the twice-baked potato reigns supreme.

A perfectly done twice-baked potato marries mashed potatoes' creaminess with baked potato's crisp simplicity. The Kaspian Potato incorporates crème fraîche and parmesan, but the wow factor is its 30-gram topper of osetra caviar, glimmering in the center. "Do yourself a favor and get the Kaspian potato!" implores one Yelp review. "I HAD to order the caviar potato ($100), but boy was it good. I've heard mixed reviews on the food here, but I knew the caviar would slap." says another. Extravagant? Yes, but few things inspire a YOLO moment like a trip to NYC.

The Nines

9 Great Jones Street

New York, New York 10012

(212) 421-5575

3. Signature Potatoes: The Potato Place In Detroit

Baked potato with bacon bits and melted cheese
Baked potato with bacon bits and melted cheese - The Potato Place / Facebook

As a family business serving loaded baked potatoes for nearly 30 years, The Potato Place has earned a special spot in Detroit's culinary community. According to the outdoor signage, "The Potatoes are .. HUGE," but, most importantly, The Potato Place's customers are leaving happy. "Great baked potato with a large selection of toppings. Huge portions. Staff very friendly and helpful," said one customer on Tripadvisor.

Seafood, meat, and vegetarian options are all part of The Potato Place's Signature Potatoes menu, along with a build-your-own option. Proteins like corned beef, steak tips, and salmon bring originality to the Signature Potato lineup, while the house-made hollandaise and flavored varieties of butter add a thoughtful touch. Customer reviews can be cutthroat, but reading them, it's clear that The Potato Place has many loyal fans.

The Potato Place

107 West Warren Avenue

Detroit, Michigan 48201

(313) 833-8948

4. Loaded Baked Potatoes: OMG Baked Potatoes In Missouri City, Texas

Baked potato on foil covered with meat and sauce
Baked potato on foil covered with meat and sauce - OMGBakedPotatoes / X

Loaded potatoes with a point of view help restaurants stand out — but this is easier said than done. OMG Baked Potatoes, a Black-owned food truck based near Houston fulfills the brief. Where else will you find baked potatoes loaded with blackened tilapia, smothered pork chops, bacon-wrapped shrimp, or oxtail?

OMG Potatoes unabashedly takes the everything-but-the-kitchen-sink approach. Just make sure you come hungry. According to one reviewer, it has "Hands down has the BEST potatoes in the city! A lovely couple and family ran [sic] business. Great customer service and personalities that match their astounding food. Select any potato and I guarantee you won't be disappointed."

It doesn't end there. "This is the #1 and only food truck that I eat at. It is by far the BEST baked potato that I've ever had," wrote another very happy customer. OMG is right!

OMG Baked Potatoes LLC

6000 Highway 6

Missouri City, Texas

(832) 819-4664

5. Gourmet Potatoes: Twice Baked In Las Vegas

Baked potato with fresh veggies and shredded cheese
Baked potato with fresh veggies and shredded cheese - eattwicebaked / Instagram

Las Vegas is home to many high-end steak and seafood restaurants, but if you want a baked potato that's more like a meal and less like a pricey side, Twice Baked is worth a visit. Gourmet baked potatoes are Twice Baked's specialty. "We ordered the classic and we were pleasantly surprised. The softness of the potatoes and the richness of the very generous toppings hit the spot. Very friendly and the vibes were solid." a Yelp comment points out.

Many of Twice Baked's online reviews mention plentiful toppings and great customer service. Another high point is the eatery's commitment to crafting loaded baked potatoes that aren't packed with meat. The Where My Vegan's At? potato includes fresh sauteed veggies, vegan cheese, vegan sour cream, and vegan butter. "I love coming to twice baked because they have legit vegan options. I've been able to eat here with my boyfriend, his family and a lot of different friends because they have options for everyone," another Yelper wrote.

Twice Baked

6020 West Craig Road 130

Las Vegas, Nevada 89130


6. Idaho Baked Potato: Pioneer Saloon In Ketchum, Idaho

Baked potato with sour cream and chives beside steak
Baked potato with sour cream and chives beside steak - mutedberry29 / Instagram

Sometimes, a baked potato without a ton of extras is all you're looking for. If so, it's best to go straight to the source: Idaho. Almost ⅓ of America's potatoes are grown in Idaho, where 30 varieties are harvested across over 300,000 acres. For those who prefer to keep it simple, Pioneer Saloon in Ketchum is your kind of place.

Ketchum might be best known as the final resting place of Ernest Hemingway, but it's also the home of Pioneer Saloon, a mid-century operation that began as a small (not so legal) casino that evolved into a restaurant. There's a loaded baked potato with teriyaki beef on the menu, but the more straightforward Idaho Baked Potato (sour cream and chives included) allows the modest tuber to bask in home-grown glory.

Does Pioneer Saloon pull off this minimalistic approach? The Yelp commentary is enough to convince us. "[T]he absolute best baked potato I have ever had," reads one review, a sentiment echoed by many other happy diners.

The Pioneer Saloon

320 N Main Street

Ketchum, Idaho 83340

(208) 726-3139

7. Millionaire's Potato At RPM Steakhouse: Chicago

Twice baked potato with melted cheese and shaved black truffle
Twice baked potato with melted cheese and shaved black truffle - rpmsteak / Instagram

As unassuming as a baked potato can be, it has served as a quintessential side at steakhouses both high and low. Some steakhouses might approach baked potato preparation with a hint of obligation, and the results are forgettable. Then there are places like RPM Steakhouse, which believes its baked potato is fit for a millionaire.

Contrary to its name, the Millionaire's Potato isn't ostentatiously pricey — especially when you take into account that RPM Steakhouse is a high-end place where shavings of truffle flow as freely as three-figure bottles of vintage Champagne. It's a twice-baked potato of average size, draped in melted fontina cheese and finished with plenty of freshly shaved black truffle. RPM's customers are on board.

When a Redditor inquired about where to find the best baked potato in Chicago, RPM's Millionaire Potato was the first response and received 29 upvotes. Shoutouts to this baked potato continue on Yelp, where a recent reviewer stated, "The real gem, however, was the millionaire's potato. We genuinely were surprised at how good it tasted, how flavorful it was, and how well it paired with the tomahawk."

RPM Steakhouse

66 W Kinzie St

Chicago, IL 60654

(312) 284-4990

8. Run Over Potato: Miznon In Manhattan

Run over Potato with dill, sea salt, and cream
Run over Potato with dill, sea salt, and cream - miznonusa / Instagram

What if you stripped away the toppings bar from a baked potato? Would it still be fun to eat? To those who think baked potatoes without a laundry list of fixings would be boring, we'd like to point you toward Minzon.

Bringing modern refinement to Israeli street food is Miznon's thing, and it was a hit in places like Paris, Melbourne, and Singapore before its 2018 debut in NYC. The Run Over Potato is a best-loved item, applauded for being as tasty as it is unique. "The Run Over Potato was my favourite dish,'' notes a Tripadvisor review. How exactly does a potato get run over? By being flattened between the hinged jaws of a manual food press.

After reading about a murder by car case, Miznon's owner chef Eyal Shani reinterpreted it through food, though there's nothing too gruesome about fresh-baked potatoes, dollops of sour cream, and fresh dill being pulverized. The herbs are fragrant and the finishing of flake salt (a little goes a long way) and olive oil is well-suited to the potato, which is simultaneously fluffy and flat. There are four Miznons in Manhattan (including an all-kosher spot), plus a newer outpost in Las Vegas.


9. Baked Potato: AJ's Tex-Mex & Barbecue In Valley Village, California

Crispy baked potato with queso, sour cream, and chives
Crispy baked potato with queso, sour cream, and chives - ajtexmexbbq / Instagram

Tex-Mex in greater Los Angeles might not be the most obvious place for a killer baked potato, but at AJ's Tex-Mex & Barbecue, it's a winner. Loaded baked potatoes and Texas barbecue go hand in hand, and AJ's got the message loud and clear. The restaurant's baked potato with queso, butter, sour cream, and green onion doesn't try to be more than it is, which is why it's such a success. One even referred to this particular menu item as a "monsterously tasty baked potato."

Customers looking to bulk the potato up can add pulled pork into the mix. All too often, restaurants get caught up in the baked potato's plethora of toppings and neglect the actual potato. Not at AJ's. The baked potato's insides are fluffy enough to stand up to the saucy toppings and the crisp skin isn't something you'd dream of leaving on the plate.

Lucky for us, AJ's isn't gatekeeping its baked potato methods. In an Instagram post, the Tex-Mex maestros let the public in on how it's done: "Did you know...If you brine then bake a potato to exactly 202 degrees it makes the fluffiest texture?" We're not too proud to say we'll be trying this out at home.

AJ's Tex-Mex & Barbecue

12123 Riverside Drive

Valley Village, California 91607

(818) 505-8865

10. Massive Loaded Spuds: One Spunky Spud In Goodlettsville, Tennessee

Loaded potato with shrimp, white sauce, and seasoning
Loaded potato with shrimp, white sauce, and seasoning - onespunkyspud / Instagram

One Spunky Spud is the brainchild of Michael Harvey. He started his business with just $2, became a major TikTok sensation (the eatery has over 1 million followers), and opened shop in the food court of Goodlettsville's RiverGate Mall — all in the span of a few years. Harvey's vivacious personality and knack for branding (he trademarked the term Dat Buttah) have put One Spunky Spuds on the map. Luckily, the baked potatoes shine just as bright as Harvey's media presence.

Customer reviews on Facebook speak to the quality and uniqueness of One Spunky Spud's signature item: the Massive Loaded Spud. "Everything amazing people. Pictures don't do justice. Flavor is amazing. This ain't your average spud," wrote one customer. Worth the indulgence? This Facebook reviewer thinks so. "MY first time getting a potato from OTne [sic] SPUNKY SPUD, it was the best potato that I have gotten. I bought the taco potato it was meaty, juicy and you could tell THAT BUTTER was on there."

With the RiverGate Mall's impending closure, Harvey has expressed concern about finding a new Nashville-area location for One Spud. He says he has a food truck and would like to do a cross-country food tour. Here's to hoping it happens.

One Spunky Spud

1000 Rivergate Parkway, Rivergate Mall Food Court Suite 3003

Goodlettsville, Tennessee 37072

(615) 574-0610

11. S+C Baked Potatoes At Salt + Charcoal: Brooklyn

Baked potato with cream and fresh herbs
Baked potato with cream and fresh herbs - queensfoodjunkie / Instagram

Salt + Charcoal combines the best parts of American steakhouse fare with the bold restraint of Japanese seafood, then filters it through a culinary lens that is wholly original and above all, delicious. It's not too surprising that Salt + Charcoal is so highly ranked amongst Brooklyn restaurants — just all the more reason to have a killer baked potato with the exquisite filet.

Since Salt + Charcoal serves classics with a twist, the S+C Baked Potatoes don't go down the butter and chives route. Instead, crispy smashed potatoes are the star of the plate. The generous portion is finished with heaping spoonfuls of herbaceous wasabi cream sauce and a smattering of fresh cilantro.

Salt + Charcoal's innovative flavor profiles are not lost on customers. A Yelper commented, "Along with their signature baked potato, we were in heaven." Delighted customers are common in Salt + Charcoal's reviews. The many praises for the restaurant's gracious customer service are equally important.

Salt + Charcoal

171 Grand Street

Brooklyn, New York 11249

(718) -782-2087

12. Carne Asada Loaded Potato: Papas El Guero In Perris, California

Carne asada loaded baked potato in pie tin
Carne asada loaded baked potato in pie tin - papaselguero / Instagram

If you've ever wondered what going viral on TikTok can do for a small business, the proof in Papas El Guero. By filming how its loaded baked potatoes are made, this SoCal food truck got the crowds a-flocking. Papas El Guero's Mexican spin on the potato (papa in Spanish), is so popular that it's a wonder other food trucks in the area hadn't capitalized on this earlier.

Papas El Guero got things going in late 2021, serving full-sized, buttery, loaded potatoes topped with your choice of asada, chorizo, or bacon. When Los Angeles-based competitive eater and influencer Raina Huang documented her visit to Papas El Guero on YouTube, she raved about the menu, rating the Carne Asada Loaded Potato 1000 out of 10. Many agree with her.

"Yes yes yes and hell yes. Glad I drove the 7.5 hrs from sf to get me a potato today ... Ps I very rarely give a 5 star review but you all nailed it" writes one Yelp reviewer. Another raved that it was "Hands down best papa in town the price is definitely worth it super filling and delicious.!"

Papas El Guero

21879 Palm Lane

Perris, California 92570

13. Oven Roasted Spuds: Spud's Waterfront Grill In Sandpoint, Idaho

Baked potato with cooked peppers, guacamole, and shredded cheese
Baked potato with cooked peppers, guacamole, and shredded cheese - Spud's Waterfront Grill / Facebook

In Northern Idaho, Spud's Waterfront Grill is a locally famous restaurant known for fresh, flavorful American cuisine and picturesque dockside views of Lake Pend Oreille. Large, loaded baked potatoes have their own menu section here, and there's also a rotating list of special Oven Roasted Spuds piled with scratch-made dressings and seasonal ingredients.

Spud's Waterfront Grill is well-received on Tripadvisor, with many customer reviews mentioning the Oven Roasted Spuds as a highlight. "The stuffed potatoes, ALL of them are worth the trip! I had the "Drag It Through the Garden" spud, and although I'm not a vegetarian, it was top notch!" one wrote.

Many of the Oven Roasted Spuds are vegetarian friendly — quite the departure from many of the establishments' loaded baked potato creations. Yet carnivores are certainly not left out of the baked potato goodness at Spud's. The Canadian is a big seller, incorporating bacon, jack and cheddar cheese, and a finishing touch of sour cream. As one Tripadvisor reviewer put it, "They specialize in stuffed baked potatoes and they are delicious. Everyone can find a selection that works for them."

Spud's Waterfront Grill

102 N First Avenue

Sandpoint, ID 83864

​(208) 265-4311


Baked Jacket potato in foil with butter and black pepper
Baked Jacket potato in foil with butter and black pepper - Lauripatterson/Getty Images

It wasn't easy to whittle the nation's best baked potatoes to 13 entries, but we trusted online customer feedback to make this happen. We clicked through hundreds of rankings plus reviews from Yelp, Tripadvisor, Facebook, and many more review websites. By doing so, we got to know the American eateries that don't just do the baked potato justice, but elevate it into something people want to order again and again.

We focused on places that offer consistent quality, flavor, and customer care. We also dabbled in some field research; our writer embraced her Irish heritage for this article and happily tasted a couple of these baked potatoes for herself.

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