£120K iPhone Case Comes Encrusted With A Rolex Daytona

A £120,869 ($135,420) iPhone 14 case that comes encrusted with a Rolex Daytona has been launched. The luxury 18K gold watch, which currently retails at over £89,264 ($100,000), features 8 diamonds. The phone body is made in the style of racing cars of the 1930s, such as Campbell’s Blue Bird which set a world speed record on the Daytona track. Luxury Russian company Caviar, known for its outlandish accessories, said: "The Rolex watch is not the only addition to the iPhone, but part of an artistic composition that pays tribute to the history of the Rolex Daytona collection.'. Decorative speedometers and switches made of gold create the image of the dashboard of the supercar which marked the beginning of the great Rolex Daytona watch collection. The base of the phone is made of titanium sprayed with a black PVD coating the same master material used by Rolex to create the black dial and case.