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12 travel books you must read, according to our Books Editor

Most of us won't be travelling anywhere this summer and will have to satisfy our wanderlust in other ways, which is where the best travel books for 2020 come in.

The wonderful things about books is that they can take you wherever you want to go, all from the comfort of your armchair or lounger in the garden.

They might transport you to places you've been before and want to revisit in your mind or countries or cities you'll never get to.

Here, you'll find stories that will take you everywhere from Trinidad and Tobago to southern France, all thanks to these authors' imaginations.

These are are some of the best travel books for 2020, each set in our favourite destinations. Our pick of fiction and non-fiction travel books offer some escapism while we wait out the pandemic.

From Joanne Harris' Peaches For Monsieur Le Cure to Kate Mosse's The Burning Chambers, these are the best travel books to add to your Amazon basket right now.