12 Hottest Fashion and Beauty Trends for Summer 2024, According to Pinterest

For best results, embrace the style trends that suit your personality and taste.

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Pinterest just released its Summer 2024 Trends Report, breaking down everything catching the eye of Pinterest users as the weather warms up. If we learned anything from the report, it’s that self-expression and the empowerment to try new things are encouraged.

Overarching themes like maximalist fashion and 90s beauty are back, encompassing a vintage yet modern take on alt fashion, glam makeup, chic patterns, unusual silhouettes, and more. From rock and roll outfits to angel makeup, here’s everything trendy Pinterest users are loving in the beauty and fashion world this season.

Throwback Bobs and Braids

All the beloved bobs and braids of the 90s are back with modern twists. Savvy Pinterest users are searching for Italian bobs and razor-cut bobs alongside mermaid braids and baby braids. If a blunt bob isn’t your thing, 90s layered bob searches are up 985%. (A modern Rachel haircut might be all you need to be on-trend this summer.)

Rocker Chic

If you love jamming to The Cure or Depeche Mode and think you were born in the wrong generation, hop on the rocker-chic bandwagon. Trending searches for alt baddie and leather wear will pull up all sorts of outfit inspo to align you with the 80s new-wave fashion trend.

Italian Makeup

What do Italians know about makeup that others don’t? For one, their looks are glamorous and effortless. On the one extreme, you have soft nude makeup (with searches that have risen 220%). These looks enhance your natural beauty without seeming overdone. On the other end, users are searching for bright cherry red lipstick and other sultry makeup looks that you’ll see in clubs across Italy and beyond.

Tomboy Femme

Individual style overtakes trends dictated by brands and designers this summer, and many are embracing a more masculine aesthetic. Searches for more relaxed, larger-fitting clothing have increased 3,900% in the last year, with people looking for oversized jerseys, green cargos, and tomboy chic outfit ideas.


Step out of the concert venue and back into the office with inspiration for corp-core. Who says you can’t rock a vest or a batik blazer even if you work from home? To put this “back to the office” trend in perspective, searches for geek chic have risen 870% in the last year.

Angel Beauty

Angel beauty is as you might expect: all about glowy, flawless skin and soft, shimmery eye shadows with a liner that makes the eyes appear bigger and more angelic. If a search for this keyword doesn’t yield the results you want (we got a bunch of pictures of angels), try searching for glowy, dewy makeup or doll eye makeup.

Y3K Aesthetic

Some individuals are moving on from the 80s (sort of) and into the future with unique takes on cybercore. This fashion movement embraces all things future as imagined in the past. For example, searches for retro-future fashion have surged 170 percent over the last year. Pair some space-like silver sneakers with a lime green outfit (also highly searched terms), and you’ll be ready for AI and beyond.

90s and Y2K Makeup

Innovation and creativity were at the forefront of 90s beauty and fashion trends, and the nostalgia for this era is palpable. Searches for 90s lip and 90s glam makeup are up 760% and 280%, respectively. If this trend speaks to you, try some dark nude lip shades to channel your inner teenage Drew Barrymore.

Patterns and New Silhouettes

You're missing out if you don’t own a pair of gingham shorts yet. Searches for the checkered cozies have sprung up 770% over the last year, along with other patterns like striped linens and leopard print bathing suits. As far as silhouettes go, anything that is out of the norm works here. Searches for bubble skirts and puff skirts have increased by 340% and 220%, respectively.

Make It Big Jewelry

This fashion trend carries over from the 2024 Pinterest Predicts report that said big, bold fashion choices were in. Over the last year, users searched for chunky gold jewelry, maximalist jewelry, and eclectic jewelry. And one surprise to add to the list? Thigh jewelry searches are up 850%.

Retro Highlights

When you think of retro, you might think of the 1950s and 60s, but these retro highlights refer to iconic hair looks from the 1990s and early 2000s. Make room on your hair inspo board for chunky highlights, calico hair, and 90s blonde styles

Fruity Nails

Nail trends are always a popular search category on Pinterest, but what’s new for the summer? All things fruit. Searches for blueberry, strawberry, and grapefruit nails have more than doubled in the last year. You can take this trend two ways: First, you or your favorite nail tech can paint whimsical fruit images on your tips. Second, you can embrace a fruity shade for a summery but simple manicure. Opt for rich berry tones or brighter coral grapefruit hues.

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