12 French Pedicure Ideas That Will Get You Excited for Sandal Season

From colorful palettes to bedazzled designs, these chic French pedicure ideas put a spin on the classic.



Sun’s out, toes out—and what classier way to show off your feet than with a chic French pedicure? With so many ways to put a spin on this timeless design, there’s an option for each person’s individual taste and every month of spring and summer. For some sandal season inspiration, check out these 12 French pedicure ideas that utilize everything from bedazzled designs to colorful palettes.

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Classic French Pedicure

For a French pedicure idea that’ll match with literally every piece of footwear you own, go for the classic design that inspired all others. Ask for a pinkish-nude base that matches your skin tone with bright white tips.

Floral French Pedicure

Put a subtle warm-weather spin on your French pedi by adding some cute florals to the mix. This design features a white daisy on each big toe with 3D gold bling accents to bring it all together.

Hot Pink French Pedicure

For an unexpected and playful variation, choose a hot pink hue for your tips versus a classic white. It’s an easy way to modernize the French pedicure and still looks crisp and clean.

Rainbow French Pedicure

Calling all color enthusiasts! This bright and cheery rainbow French pedicure idea is drenched in every color across the spectrum. The design has an ombré effect for an extra burst of fun.

Subtle Blingy French Pedicure

Love a classic French pedicure but want to squeeze just a little more from the design? Ask your nail tech to add some crystals to each toe that’ll sparkle in the sun.

Orange French Pedicure

Orange is such an underrated color, but this fiery hue packs a might punch even in small quantities. Use it for your French tip versus the simple white and enjoy the extra dash of flair everywhere you wander.

French Pedicure with Hearts

You can feel the love with this cute French pedicure featuring a smattering of red glitter hearts. The color palette is sweet and girlish, making for a cute pedicure that’ll earn you lots of complements.

Glittery French Pedicure

Yes, you can have your glitter and classic French pedicure, too! This design starts with the iconic nail design, then builds on it subtly with silver glitter on each big toe. You could add the glitter to all your digits if you’re feeling extra blingy.

Black French Pedicure

While color’s always nice, sometimes neutrals just call your name. If that’s the case, consider a black French pedicure like this one, which features a neutral base with inky black tips.

Yellow and Gold French Pedicure

Take your cue from the sun and go for a yellow French pedicure. This one embraces a neon-yellow hue and infuses some extra flair via metallic accents across each big toe that sort of reads like jewelry.

Lilac and White French Pedicure

Another fun way to riff on the French pedi is to use non-nude base. Here, a creamy lilac purple color sets the tone and creates a nice backdrop for the classic crisp white tips.

Pastel Swirl French Pedicure

If you like the gist of the French pedicure but don’t want to go too literal, make use of unexpected shapes and negative space as seen in this colorful design. It still has the same essence, but offers a super fresh spin on the look.

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