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12 Make-Up Setting Sprays That'll Keep Your Face In Place All Day Long

Setting sprays have come a very long way in the past few years, with the alcohol-laden spritzes of old being replaced by some formidable, skin-kind formulas.

And they’re not just for the oily-skinned, either (although if your foundation slides off your face before lunchtime, they're an absolute no brainer). Now, there’s a make-up setting spray to make dry skin look dewy, one to protect from pollution, and even one infused with broad-spectrum SPF protection.

According to Danielle Roberts, Global Make-up Artist for Urban Decay, the key to setting-spray success is all in the application. 'Always apply the mist in a "T" motion through the centre of the face and an "X" to hit the outer perimeters,' she says.

And that’s not all your setting spray is good for, either. 'Try spritzing your flat shadow brush with a little setting spray to pick up and lay down a more foiled effect with high-shimmer shadows,' she adds. Who knew!

Here, see the setting sprays you’ll find in team ELLE’s beauty bags...