11 Talented Barbers You Should Be Following on Instagram

Who among us hasn’t looked to Instagram or YouTube for haircut ideas and inspiration? There’s a trove of buzz-worthy content on the web thanks to the best barbers on social media, and many are providing their followers with more than just images of stylish cuts. You can find everything from at-home tutorials for aspiring and amateur barbers, to flashy head-turning styles, to ASMR, to celebrity styles, public service, and even conversations about mental health. The 11 barbers below offer that entire range of content, and more. Give them a follow—and come back and thank us when their sage advice changes your life (or just your look) for the better.

Miguel Gutierrez, a.k.a. “Nomad Barber”

I think of Miguel as the jack of all trades in the barbering world. He not only runs three Nomad Barber barbershops in London, Berlin, and Mumbai, but also has his own line of grooming products under the same label. He’s also one of three big-name brand ambassadors for the very good haircare brand STMNT—more on the others below. Miguel’s content covers many topics, from mental health chats (@storycuts) to podcasting about mindfulness within the nomad community. His has a rundown of all the projects he’s working on. Miguel’s been in the content game for over a decade, and his experience shows with the heart and thoughtfulness behind each project.


I got to interview VicBlends a couple of years ago for the now-defunct barbershop outlet UltraNYC (RIP), and our conversation left me gobsmacked—mostly at how quickly this guy went from Padawan to Jedi master of his craft. He’s just 24 years young and has amassed 3 million followers and 2 million on his YouTube channel. He does lots of great haircuts on the street for random strangers, which are always a treat, but if you’re in the market for some DIY haircutting tutorials, then his VicBlends Academy tutorials are well worth the cost of enrollment. This guy’s a prodigy, and it’s no surprise he was named the 2022 American Influencer Barber of the Year.

Nelson “Nelly” Rivera

While Nelly is a go-to barber for a lot of A-list athletes, musicians, and other celebs—DJ Khaled is one such regular—what I love about his channel is that he’s not flashing any rides on private jets or courtside seats; instead, he’s flexing the skills that got him that top-tier clientele in the first place. If ever there’s a place to look for a new haircut or the next big style, it’s a quick scroll through Nelly’s latest cuts—on everyday customers like you and me.

KC Fee

Speaking of A-List talent, KC Fee sees her clients when they need to look red-carpet ready or editorially crispy. While she’s not technically a barber working out of a barbershop, it’s her job to cut, detail, and style her clients’ hair and facial hair (and mind the skincare/makeup detailing too). She’s great for a follow because you get to see some of the prep (and payoff) that goes into some of Hollywood’s most important events, campaigns, and photoshoots. It’s almost like a diary of some actors’ promotional campaigns, too, like Jeremy Allen White’s recent cleanup along the TV awards circuit. Other clients of Fee’s include Kumail Nanjiani, Murray Bartlett, and Ethan Hawke.

Agno Barbeiro

Whether you choose to follow Agno on Instagram or YouTube, you’re going to get some of the most incredible and colorful creations that his mind concocts. If this guy isn’t working on film sets already, then he’s always got a backup career as a top-form hair artist for the big screen. His YouTube is really where it’s at, and where he’s got over 3 million followers: Just check out this Bowie-meets-Rockabilly blue pompadour look. Also, Agno is Brazilian, and the “Barbeiro” in his name simply means “Barber” in Portuguese.

Sofie Pak, a.k.a. “StayGold”

Like two other barbers on this roster, Sofie (or StayGold as she’s known in the barbering world) is a brand ambassador for STMNT hair care, where she has her own roster of products. But that’s one small notch on her barbering belt, as she was also Barbercon’s Female Barber of the Year in 2017 and 2018, as well as American Influencer’s American Barber of the Year 2019. StayGold’s YouTube gives followers insight into the latest launches from barbershop-favorite brand BaByliss PRO (as she is an educator for the label), and her Instagram feels like a BTS look at an internationally booked and blessed barber, at the height of her industry and enjoying the ride.

Julius Arriola, a.k.a. “Julius Caesar”

Julius rounds out the trip of “Creators” who rep STMNT—and no the brand hasn’t sponsored this post or anything. There’s a reason this trio was chosen for the label, and in Cvesar’s case, a follow gets you some insanely wild and flashy painted-on styles, as if his clients are his graffiti canvas. And on that topic, be sure to give Cvesar’s MADMAN painting profile a follow too, where you’ll see the tie between his hair and canvas creations. (And jewelry, too—maybe you’ll find a new piece.)

Mark Bustos

Mark is one of the original barber influencers—but not because he ever set out to be one. He’s been every magazine’s favorite go-to hair stylist for the past decade or more, and with that editorial prowess and visibility Bustos launched the #BeAwesomeToSomebody initiative just shy of ten years ago. Through that non-profit, Bustos provides free haircuts to the unhoused wherever he goes, be it NYC, India, Nicaragua, or his native Philippines. He still books the big stages at barbering events worldwide, but to follow Bustos on social media provides regular feel-good reminders that small acts of service can make the biggest difference.

Daniele Maullu

In a sea of ASMR wannabes, Rome-based Maullu is a master, especially on TikTok where he has over 2 million followers. He’s got 10K+ on YouTube, where it’s easiest to relax alongside the sounds of his whetstone razor sharpenings, shave strokes, and aftershave latherings. Some TikToks even have over 100 million views. His Instagram, just shy of 50K followers, is where he shows off some of the latest (and favorite) shaving products, should you be in the market.

Lici Quinteiro

From Senegalese twists to Bantu knots to flashy stylized fades, Quinteiro’s Instagram looks like a menu of the millions of tricks she has up her sleeve. You might recognize her from the CW’s Cedric’s Barber Battle TV, a televised competition which she won, and she’s often the lone female at roundtables and judging panels at global barbering events and contests. She even collabed with Snoop Dogg in the last year, and while her socials have been mostly quiet these days, her archive alone is the stuff of legends.


This is my thick-haired bias showing, but I love a barber who knows how to tend to thick, unruly hair. And on top of that, I’m always curious what’s happening in big, flashy business districts like London and Hong Kong (the latter of which is where Mikesr400 cuts hair). From middle parts to pompadours to colorful mohawks, Mike’s portfolio is insane. Look at what he did with this one model alone—it’s like he covered the entire history of rock and roll hairstyles in a single session.

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