Is Maybelline's *viral* powder foundation worth the hype?

TikTok and its influential beauty creators have done it again; another makeup product has gone viral for its incredible results and this time, we're talking a full-coverage powder foundation. IDK about you but it's already a winner in my eyes – plus, it's now on sale at a bargain price of *£7.99*!

Makeup artist and one to keep it real, Mikayla Nogueira shared a video on the app, reviewing the Maybelline SuperStay 24H Hybrid Powder Foundation. Just an FYI, she has labelled the vid as a 'paid partnership', which is worth keeping in mind when watching. But in all honesty, the results really do seem to speak for themselves.

To say the 'before and after' transformation is dramatic would be an understatement; One fan even thought she was wearing a phantom of the opera mask, writing: "Giiiiiiiirl, I thought you were the phantom of the opera for a second in the beginning 😭", which left Mikayla lol'ing.

In her vid, Mikayla says that the new hybrid product "covered all my redness" and "it feels like nothing is on my skin". "To make sure my skin was really hydrated, I use a damp beauty blender because it actually melts the powder into the skin", she adds.

Watch the viral video with 16 million views (and counting) below:

Oh and not to mention it's "water resistant and sweat proof". Is there nothing it cannot do?!

Proving that the product is worth the hype, another of our fave MUAs, Rose Siard took to Instagram to also review the foundation. "Ooh, that is melty melty. That's nice!", she says when applying hers with a brush.

Like Rose, you best believe I'm running out the door (read: to my online shopping cart) to pick this up ASAP. I mean, when it's priced at under a tenner, how can one complain?!

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