10 ways to save on your wedding

Try only having 2 or 3 bridesmaids to save on money!


It’s lovely to give your girls the chance to share your day with you, but that doesn’t mean they have to all be your bridesmaids. Granted, it is hard to narrow down your selection so as not to offend your besties, but the more ladies in waiting you choose, the bigger the bill! They all need dresses, shoes and accessories, not forgetting underwear, hair and makeup appointments. You could always ask them to pay for it all themselves, or even go halves, but this is always going to be an awkward conversation! So limiting yourself to two bridesmaids is probably your best bet to save money.


It is customary to feed your wedding guests every three hours, but if you choose to have the ceremony late in the day then it is likely you will only have to feed your guests once. The longer the day, the more food is needed, such as canapés during the drinks reception. By hosting the wedding breakfast later on then you will also save on the customary ‘midnight snack’ towards the end of the reception.


A favour given to every guest can hike up the bill, but there are lots of inexpensive options that won’t use up too much of your budget. How about buying a lottery ticket for each of your guests, with the bonus being if they win and decide to share the winnings with you then it will pay off some of the wedding! Or keep it cheap and cheerful with a packet of seeds at each place setting to grow sunflowers or strawberries.


The wedding dress can often be one of the most expensive parts of a wedding, but it doesn’t need to be. Brides will still look just as beautiful in end of line, pre-loved or borrowed dresses, which can be personalised by wearing your own jewellery and shoes. There is also something sentimental about wearing a dress that someone else has had the happiest day of their lives in, so don’t shun the idea too readily.


Champagne is a must-have at most weddings but the real deal is a big price to pay when you have crowds of guests to celebrate with. Cava and prosecco are often cheaper alternatives to champagne but equally as nice. Besides, once your guests have had a glass or two they won’t notice the difference anyway! If you would still prefer to have champagne then consider giving it to your top table only, or allowing one glass per guest for a toast. Adding slices of strawberry in frosted flutes can also turn even the cheapest of fizz into a fancy treat.


Music is essential at any wedding reception, but the cost of a band or DJ is often one of the biggest bills for a wedding. Cut the cost (and the cringe-worthy DJ shout outs) by creating your own mixed CD with your partner so you’re guaranteed your favourite songs at a fraction of the cost. People will still get up and dance and you’ll be in the money.

Something borrowed

There is something to be learned from this old saying. Play on this tradition by sourcing what normally are expensive aspects of the wedding from family or friends. Tiaras, veils and even the groom’s suit can be borrowed and no one will be any wiser. Plus, if you’re borrowing from someone special then it has a sentimental value too, particularly if that person cannot be there on the day.


A great way to save on the pennies is to host the wedding reception at you own home or a family member’s. There won’t be a corkage fee, room hire costs or exceptionally pricey drinks. You can be freer to do as you please in terms of decoration and you will be able to personalise it further than if you partied at a hotel or venue.


It may be many a bride’s dream to arrive at her wedding on a horse-drawn cart or in a classic car, but unless your heart is set on this then there’s no need to pay the often exceptionally high fee for arriving in this kind of style. Instead, take your guests by surprise by arriving in a cheaper alternative that has the quirk-factor. How about the bride rolling up on a tandem with her dad, or even on roller skates? The possibilities are endless but paying back the fee won’t be.


Depending on where sourced, your wedding cake can in fact be one of the cheapest components of your day. Source your own decorations such as miniature bride and groom figures or love birds ornaments, and then enlist the help of your friends to each bake a simple round cake, which can each become a layer of your cake. Alternatively, plain sponge or fruit cakes can be bought from the supermarket relatively cheaply and you can decorate it yourself with edible petals and ribbon. Voila! Read more on getwed.com...
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