10 Unhinged Food Combinations That Start With Ketchup

We asked, you answered!

Before you bite into a hot dog or hamburger, you'll most likely reach for a bottle of ketchup to squirt on top. While most of us are sure to dip our French fries with this beloved condiment, you might not consider all of the other foods that people put ketchup on.

To learn more about surprising food combinations, we asked our Instagram audience and received some really intriguing answers. Keep reading if you think your stomach is brave enough to handle it.

The Most Unique Foods To Dip in Ketchup

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Grilled Cheese

According to user jacks119, eating grilled cheese with ketchup is delicious because you get to taste something that is sweet, savory, and salty, all at the same time. She adds that this combination is not much different from eating a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup.

Fried Apple Turnover

Tangy ketchup mixed with sweet apples is what user farmgirl048 loves the most about dipping her apple turnovers in the unexpected condiment. In her mind, the fried dough mimics the texture of a French fry, so it's almost like eating French fries with ketchup (almost...).

Green Beans

As a child, user smritter68 has always enjoyed eating her green beans with ketchup. She continues to eat this combination to this day and also recommends roasting the green beans.

Mashed Potatoes

We all have those foods that provide us with the right amount of comfort, and according to user gradh582955, there's nothing more comforting than taking some tangy ketchup and swirling it around in her mashed potatoes. This isn't so far off from fries, after all.

Egg Rolls

Whether her egg rolls are stuffed with chicken, pork, or vegetables, for user frannibrock, it doesn't really matter as long as she has some ketchup next to her to dip these fried goodies in. She said that the taste is similar to eating crispy French fries while also experiencing a bit of tanginess from the egg roll.


Back in college, user susan_weiglein would sprinkle lemon pepper on her peas and then add ketchup and mix it all together. She further explained that she did this due to living on a small food budget.

Plantain Chips

Whether user sotopauq is watching a movie or simply wanting a snack, plantain chips and ketchup is a quick and easy go-to. This snack was introduced to her by her mother and she uses the ketchup as a dipping sauce. This user also explained that her Puerto Rican family will sometimes make the fried plantains from scratch (but store-bought works in a hurry!).


While you may never dream of adding ketchup to your favorite fruits, user its_shenannagans discovered this tasty combination from her son, when he was eating breakfast one day and a blueberry rolled into his ketchup. She has been enjoying blueberries with Heinz ketchup ever since.


When user nicole4music was a child, she always saw her grandfather and great-grandfather put ketchup on their corn. And, one day, her grandfather introduced her to this yummy combination. She has loved it ever since. She doesn't know whether it's the sweetness of the corn or the tanginess of the Heinz ketchup, but in her words, together they taste awesome.


From Swiss Rolls to Zebra Cakes and those chewy cosmic brownies topped with rainbow sprinkles, we all have our favorite snack cakes that we just can't live without. But, what you may not have tried is dipping one of them in ketchup. While we may never know how or why this food combination came about, all we can say is: Don't knock it until you try it.

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