10 top tips for the mother of the bride’s outfit

Look stunning if you're the mother of the bride

Although it’s your daughter’s special day, as mother of the bride you’ll also get lots of attention. Choosing an wedding outfit is a complex process – do you dress to stand out or to blend in? Which hat should you wear? What length should the dress be? So many questions, so here's a few answers for all your mothers of the bride:

The colour of your wedding outfit

You, your family and your friends will look back on your daughter’s wedding photos for years to come. So you must wear a wedding outfit that works with the colour scheme of the wedding. It is essential that you complement the bridal party theme. Do so by choosing a shade that is similar to the bridesmaid’s dresses, but make sure it is not an exact match. By wearing a similar colour to the wedding theme you will stand out as a significant member of the party but you will not be stealing any attention away from the bridesmaids or bride. Always choose an outfit colour that suits your complexion and never wear white.

The style of your wedding outfit

Choosing a style is all to do with your body shape. If you’re an apple, wear a belt to pull in your waist, show off your legs in a pair of heels and wear a scooped neck. If you’re a pear shape wear a jacket that does not go past your hip line and keep to dark, block colours on your bottom half. If your figure is slender and athletic choose a cowl neckline with a chunky necklace and a dress that has frills; remembering to stay away from large prints. If you’re not sure what shape you are then a scooped neck dress with padded shoulders and a gathered waist tends to suit most body types. We recommend you do some research though and look in the mirror to find out your body type.

The fit of your wedding attire

One of the most important things about buying your wedding outfit is making sure it fits. This seems obvious, but so many women get this wrong. Remember, get measured. Do not look at the sizing on the label – sizes vary between different shops. They do not reflect how big or small you actually are. And if you love the dress, but the size is not right, you can always get your dress altered. It’s affordable and could be the difference between dazzling and disastrous.

Comfort is important for a wedding

Think about comfort when you are trying your dress on. Could you spend up to 12 hours in it? Are you going to be too hot, too cold? Remember, when you’re comfortable you exude confidence, beauty and charm. If it is a summer wedding avoid silks and satins as they will cling to your body. Ideal fabrics are crepe, chiffon, cotton or organza. If it is a winter wedding think polyester or a polyester mix. Wools and jersey stretch are also ideal. A fur lined jacket, a smart shawl and sheer thermal underwear are also excellent accessories for the winter ceremony.

Wedding shoes bought well in advance

Found the dress but can’t find any shoes to match? Do not panic. You can always dye a pair of shoes. You can do this yourself or have a professional dye your shoes for you. Remember to buy the shoes at least three months before the wedding so you can wear them in. Cushioned insoles for the arch and ball of your foot are also a plus and they’ll make sure you’re dancing into the small hours. You can buy your own gel or memory foam insoles if your shoes don’t already have them.

Planning your wedding outfit

To avoid a disaster, plan ahead. Choose the dress first. We advise you buy it at least six months before the big day. Keep trying the dress on, to make sure it still fits. Then shop for your accessories – bag, shoes, hat, and jewellery. Aim to have your complete outfit ready at least six weeks beforehand. This gives you the chance to ask other people their opinion on your choices. Also, get in contact with the mother-in-law, what’s she wearing? It’s a good way to bond and will make sure you do not wear the same outfit or clash.

Dress for the type of wedding

Dress for the wedding that your daughter is having. Is it going to be in the daytime, in the evening, on a beach? If it is an evening occasion wear a long, floor length dress. If the wedding is outside a shorter cocktail dress is suitable. As are halter necks or strapless dresses. For the more formal event, a hat and jacket can add that extra touch of sophistication – or, if you don’t want to wear a jacket, a dress with a collar is also suitable. If the wedding is held during the spring a floral theme is perfect for your outfit.

Wedding hairstyle

Occasion hair does not have to be a struggle. You know what style you feel comfortable with, so if that means wearing it down then go for it. A simple blow dry will give you a groomed look, or to add a little glamour then think volume; a little mousse goes a long way, or try gently back combing the hair on the crown of your head. If you’d prefer your hair up we recommend an elegant, chignon style or even curl your hair for a feminine look. Just remember to check how your daughter will be wearing her hair on the day; like mother like daughter does not apply in this circumstance!

Wedding make-up

Whatever your make-up style make sure you cleanse and hydrate your skin. If you don’t normally, wear a good quality primer and drink plenty of water to nourish your skin. Match the makeup tones to your dress and remember to re-apply at some stage during the day (the rushing around, not to mention the tears, will take their toll on your makeup). We recommend you have a day look and an evening look too. To find out how to achieve these looks, why not visit a beautician with your daughter; some department stores even offer free advice and makeovers. Remember, practice makes perfect – never try out a new colour or style on the day.

Tissues for the wedding day!

Pack some tissues for the wedding! Even if you’re not naturally a blubberer, this is your daughter’s special day so expect some waterworks! Panda eyes in the wedding photos will not go down well so be prepared. Nearly ever mother shed a tear on their daughters wedding day. Read more on getwed.com...
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