Christmas indigestion? Here are 12 simple hacks to beat the festive bloat

The Christmas period (quite rightly) comes with a month full of Prosecco popping, chocolate gobbling and mince pie munching, not to mention your feast of choice on 25 December.

But the trade off? Bloating.

When you consider the amount that those of us lucky enough can get through, it’s hardly surprising that many will be left feeling more stuffed than Santa’s sack.

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What’s more, one in 10 (16%) of 16-24 year olds have confessed to leaving a festive gathering due to digestive discomfort and wind, according to a previous survey by Bimuno.

The problem is so bad for some, that one in 10 (12%) of all respondents admitted to avoiding certain classics like Christmas pudding, mulled wine and even mince pies.

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While the once-a-year indulgence is worth it in many ways, you needn’t continue to struggle through with your top button undone on your jeans or hiding your bloated tum under your Christmas jumper.

Try the simple hacks at the top of the page to say goodbye to your lingering Christmas indigestion, or to be better prepared for next year...