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10 humidity-loving houseplants that will thrive in your bathroom

Bathroom plants are now considered an essential bathroom accessory. Why? While it's more than just an Instagram trend, aesthetically speaking, there's nothing more stylish than luscious green plants either placed on a shelf or stool by the bathtub or hanging from a shower.

Bathrooms are actually great for certain plants to thrive in thanks to its warm and humid atmosphere. From Aloe Vera to Boston Fern, there are plenty of bathroom plants that will elevate your space and keep it bright and cheery.

"With just a few additions, your bathroom can be transformed into a rainforest-inspired haven of calm, with your houseplants working hard to keep your bathroom steam and bacteria free," say the experts at online bathroom specialist, Victorian Plumbing.

While trailing plants such as Ivy and Heartleaf Philodendron would look great on ledges, you could also place bathroom plants on a ladder shelf and hang them with some ‘S’ shaped hooks.

And don't forget to pick your plant pots carefully. They should be made from a porous material like terracotta and have a few drainage holes at the bottom. If your plant pot has a solid bottom, ensure it is placed in a pot with drainage holes first, then place on top of a dish or saucer inside the main pot.

Take a look at the best bathroom plants to consider buying below...

10 humidity-loving houseplants that will thrive in your bathroom

These plants will love your bathroom's higher humidity levels.

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