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10 black-owned fashion brands to support and invest in

Over the past week, following the horrifying death of George Floyd, demonstrations have been held across cities within the United States and around the world, to protest police brutality and the systemic racism which exists on a global scale. As a result, many have finally woken up the brutal realities faced by black people every day, and are now vowing to join in the fight for equality and committing to be anti-racist. Part of this means being an ally in every sense of the word – and one way that we, as consumers, can lend ourselves to the cause, is by educating ourselves about black-owned businesses and brands, and supporting and investing in them wherever possible.

Within the fashion industry there's a huge wealth of talented black designers, many of which have not been given the spotlight they deserve. We are committed to better raising the profile of these figures and showcasing their exceptional work more, starting right here.

From well-known catwalk names to design stars who are just on the rise, here are 10 black fashion designers that we think you should have on your radar.