The 10 best spots worldwide for your retirement

Staff writer
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International Living has released a list of its top countries for people to settle in when their working days are over.

The list is based on many factors, including the cost of living and housing, health care and perks for older residents.

In the top spot is Portugal, where comfortable living can be had for a monthly fee of just £1,924.

In second is Panama, where it is slightly more at just £2,000.

With its £1,539 price tag, Costa Rica takes third place.

In fourth is Mexico which costs £1,150 to £2,300 based on the area.

Below you'll find the rest of International Living's top 10, along with their monthly amounts:

5. Colombia - £793 to £2,094.

6. Ecuador - £1,385.

7. Malaysia - £1,385.

8. Spain - £1,924.

9. France - £1,924 (as long as it is not in Paris).

10. Vietnam - Less than £1,154