10 of the best Met Gala fashion moments in history

10 of the best Met Gala fashion moments in history

The first Monday in May is famously one of the biggest nights on the fashion calendar, with hundreds of the industry's biggest names descending on New York's Met Museum in a spectacular display of creative style.

Often dubbed the 'Oscars of fashion', the event draws in the biggest A-list names, who will dress according to a set theme, usually in bespoke creations from the world's most impactful fashion designers. This year, the guests will pay tribute to one of the most impactful fashion designers of all time, Karl Lagerfeld

We thought we would mark the occasion by taking a walk down memory lane. Read on for 10 of the most memorable Met Gala moments of all time – from Sarah Jessica Parker and Alexander McQueen in matching tartan, to that Rihanna omelette dress.

Sarah Jessica Parker wearing Alexander McQueen in 2006

Sarah Jessica Parker and Alexander McQueen walked the red carpet hand-in-hand in 2006, wearing matching tartan looks by the designer, in a moment that instantly went down in Met Gala, and fashion, history. A signature fabric of McQueen's, the tartan was also a perfect nod to that year's theme of 'AngloMania: Tradition and Transgression in British Fashion'.

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Rihanna wearing Guo Pei in 2015

Never has a Met Gala look gone so instantly viral as the canary yellow cape gown Rihanna wore to the 2015 event – popularly dubbed 'the omelette dress'. Designed by Chinese couturier Guo Pei – who had two pieces showcased in that year's 'China: Through the Looking Glass' exhibit – the embroidered fur-trimmed piece took 20 months to create and weighed approximately 55 pounds. Pei later said in an interview that "only women who have the confidence of a queen could wear it". Sounds about right.

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Zendaya wearing Tommy Hilfiger in 2019

For the 2019 theme of 'Camp: Notes On Fashion', Zendaya had a real-life Cinderella moment, turning up to the Met Gala in a Tommy Hilfiger design which was complete with her very own Fairy Godmother in the form of her stylist Law Roach, who waved his magic wand to make her dress light up for real.

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Princess Diana wearing Dior in 1996

There was a royal guest at the 1996 Met Gala in the form of Diana, Princess of Wales. In a departure from her usual style, the royal arrived wearing an elegant navy Dior slip dress, a look she later admitted she almost didn't wear due to not wanting to embarrass a then-teenage Prince William, for fear of it being too daring.

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Kate Moss wearing Marc Jacobs in 2009

There are few fashion moments that truly deserve the label iconic – a term so often misused – but this was one of them. When Marc Jacobs was deciding who to dress for the 'Model as Muse'-themed gala in 2009, there was only one woman for the job. He arrived with Kate Moss on his arm wearing a backless silver lamé mini-dress with a matching turban by Stephen Jones, which swiftly became one of the most recognisable Met Gala looks of all time.

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Blake Lively wearing Versace in 2018

Blake Lively is never one to play it completely safe with her fashion, which always makes her a pleasing addition to the Met Gala guestlist. In 2018 she managed to upstage all the other guests (no mean feat) in this regal Versace gown, which was so big she had to travel to the event in a van.

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Beyoncé wearing Givenchy in 2015

Just when everyone thought the 2015 Met Gala red carpet had finished, when all the other guests had taken their seats inside, there was a fashionably late arrival in the form of Beyoncé. The singer turned up wearing this sheer Givenchy gown with strategically placed crystals, the photographers went wild, and the whole world agreed that it was worth the wait.

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Cher wearing Bob Mackie in 1974

Cher wore the original naked dress to one of the first ever Met Galas in 1974, in the form of this glittering sheer design by Bob Mackie, a designer she still works with today. It's a look countless models and celebrities have claimed to be inspired by for more recent red carpet outings.

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Amal Clooney wearing Richard Quinn in 2018

When you have the honour of being one of the night's hosts, the pressure is truly on to wear something remarkable. While many might assume that this means collaborating with one of industry's biggest names, Amal Clooney instead turned to emerging London designer Richard Quinn, giving him a huge international platform in the process. The look featured tailored trousers and a corset with a flowing skirt attached, while George made an excellent accessory.

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Rihanna wearing Maison Margiela in 2018

A second appearance from Rihanna in this round-up, but a worthy one. One of the most interesting things about the Met Gala is seeing the creative ways that each guest interprets the theme. While many completely ignore it, Rihanna always goes above and beyond in an effort to commit; 2018 was a case in point when she arrived at the Catholicism-themed event in a glorious Papal-inspired Margiela ensemble.

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From Princess Diana's slinky slip dress to Rihanna's reimagining of the Pope