• Grandmother killed pedestrian after mistakenly accelerating

    Reading Crown Court has jailed a driver who killed a woman when she mistakenly pressed the accelerator instead of the brake. Sixty-eight year old Pertpall Sall pleaded guilty to charges of causing death by dangerous driving and causing serious

  • This 86-year-old bride is pure wedding goals

    When a younger relative of Millie Taylor-Morrison posted a photo of the bride on her wedding day, she simply wanted to share how “beautiful” her little cousin’s friend’s grandmother looked - but she can’t have been expecting Taylor-Morrison to amaze quite so many people. In the photograph, 86-year-old Taylor-Morrison is about to get married to her now-husband Harold after meeting more than six decades ago. Not only is Taylor-Morrison beautiful but a talented woman too - she designed the dress herself.

  • This Grandma Is More Badass Than You’ll Ever Be

    [Photo: Instagram/Baddie Winkle]

  • Bride And Groom Honour Their Grandmas By Making Them Flower Girls At Their Wedding

    Who says flower girls have to be under 5? In a break from the usual tradition, when Josh and Maggie Wakefield got married recently, instead of asking the youngest family members to fill in as a flower girls they decided to ask the eldest…their grandmas. With a combined age of 149 years, Maggie’s grandma Joyce and Josh’s grandma, Drue stole the show as they performed their wedding duties at the ceremony which took place at White Chimneys in Gap, Pennsylvania.

  • ​Essex man blames gran in Africa for speeding

    The high-profile case of politician Chris Huhne brought to light the crime of falsely attempting to shift the blame for a speeding ticket onto someone else. But, sly though Huhne's misdeeds may have been, at least he wasn't foolish

  • Police chase dangerous granny in 27-mile...crawl

    A dangerous grandma who drove the wrong way around a roundabout started a bizarre 10mph chase that lasted 27 miles because she refused to stop. The lethargic pursuit was eventually halted when a policeman jogged alongside her car on a dual

  • Grassing up Granny for bad driving

    According to an online poll from IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) 73 percent of us would inform the authorities if they were concerned about an elderly relative's driving abilities. Despite 77 percent saying that they thought younger