armpit hair

  • Blogger proudly shows off her body hair after refusing to shave for more than a year

    A fitness blogger has proudly shared pictures of her hairy legs and armpits in the hope it will inspire other women to embrace their natural beauty, body hair and all.

  • Madonna's daughter Lourdes hits the beach, proudly flaunts her armpit hair

    Lourdes Leon proudly shows off the unshaven armpit look, because why not? Madonna's daughter was photographed during a beach break to Miami and absolutely rocked her black bikini and armpit hair.

  • In defence of underarm hair

    A little bit of body hair is no big deal.

  • This Woman Had The Best Response To Trolls Who Body-Shamed Her For Having Armpit Hair

    A student who was trolled for revealing her armpit hair has had the best response [Photo: Facebook/Laura De - Photo by Florence Lecloux Photographe] Back in May philosophy student Laura De took part in a photoshoot to promote body confidence and “challenge society’s expectations of women and their bodies.” But when one of the images was shared on Facebook, it incited online outrage and lead to Laura receiving a deluge of abuse. Laura originally agreed to team up with photographer Florence Lecloux to help open up discussions about female body hair and the fact that women are often expected to remove it with no questions asked. According to Buzzfeed, the post received more than 7,000 comments and 6,000 reactions on Facebook. Laura had the best response to body-shaming trolls [Photo: Facebook/Laura De] And thankfully Laura hasn’t let all the trolling get to her. Sharing another picture of herself with armpit hair, Laura penned an accompanying message with lashings of body confidence.

  • Burned armpit hair spells the end of this Ford Bronco

    ASSOCIATED PRESS A silly prank nearly ended in tragedy for one group of American teens, after a driver rolled his 4x4 when one of his passengers set fire to his armpit hair with a