• Waitrose pulls 'racist' chocolate ducklings from shelves

    The supermarket giants have issued an apology.

  • Waitrose mocked online for list of 'essential' student food items

    "What happened to beans on toast?"

  • Is this sparkling wine the new prosecco?

    Will you be shopping for this year's must-have fizz at the weekend?

  • Waitrose has started selling half bottles of wine

    We're not sure what to make of this.

  • Beware of these fake supermarket vouchers

    Supermarket shoppers are being warned to steer clear of Tesco and Waitrose coupons being shared on Facebook. The fake vouchers - for £100 and £75 respectively - are claimed to be up for grabs to celebrate the two supermarkets'

  • The world's best wine is cheaper than you think

    Not only because the best bottle of wine in the world turned out to cost less than a fiver, but because the former managing director of Waitrose, Mark Price, has revealed when he thinks wine quality and price best meet. According to him, the optimum amount of money to spend on a bottle of wine is £10. “So if you buy a bottle of wine for £5 the value of the wine inside that bottle is just under 50p.

  • These wines might just convince you never to rule Chardonnay out again

    ‘Anything But Chardonnay’ was the movement away from what is Chardonnay is one of the most widely grown grapes in all of the popular wine regions in the world towards anything other else – maybe in search of something a bit more ‘sophisticated’ or maybe thanks to a bad experience. According to the wine guys at Waitrose Cellar, Google Trends is suggesting that interest in Bridget Jones’ favourite tipple reached an all-time high at the end of December, and doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Anne Jones, Waitrose Wine Expert, says: “If you want to adjust, Chardonnay is the most versatile of all grape varieties.

  • Say hello to 2017’s big food trends

    Are vegetable yoghurt, watermelon water and raw fish salad current staples in your diet? According to Waitrose, they could be come 2017, as the supermarket chain has revealed its annual Food And Drink Report. Highlighting the big food and drink trends of 2016 and predicting those to arrive in 2017, the report is based on millions of transactions in-store and online and backed up by a poll of 2,000 adults and focus group sessions.

  • The supermarkets confusing us with multibuy offers

    Unless you buy in bulk, then bargain hunters should beware of shopping at Waitrose, because instead of simply offering discounts on groceries, it favours multibuys. These are no friend of the true bargain hunter, because they can end up

  • Waitrose recalls packs of potentially deadly snack

    Waitrose is recalling packs of peanuts and raisins over fears that they could contain potentially deadly other types of nut. The company is warning that some packs of its Lovelife Peanuts & Raisins contain the wrong product mix, posing a

  • The 'Waitrose Effect' adds £40,000 to your house price

    Living near a branch of Waitrose adds an average of £40,000 to the value of your home - and it's not just Waitrose. A new study has revealed that being within easy reach of any well-known supermarket can boost the value of your property by

  • Tesco named as our least favourite supermarket

    Tesco is our least favourite supermarket, according to a new survey. It may be the biggest supermarket in the country, but it seems we are dragging ourselves round, and we're loathing every second; because the figures show that we'd

  • Waitrose tightens up on 'abused' free hot drinks again

    Waitrose is clamping down again on its free hot drinks offer for MyWaitrose members, following claims the perk is still being 'abused'. Its offer of free tea or coffee for MyWaitrose members proved so popular last year that it

  • Poundland '50% more expensive than supermarkets'

    New research shows that supposedly 'bargain' items on sale in Poundland can be as much as 50% more expensive than those in other supermarkets. Last week Poundland announced sales in excess of £1bn for the first time which makes them

  • Aldi leapfrogs Waitrose, Asda struggles

    Discount supermarket Aldi has overtaken upmarket rival Waitrose to become the sixth largest grocer in the country, industry figures showed today. Aldi achieved a 5.3% market share in the 12 weeks to March 29 in the latest till roll figures from

  • Living near Waitrose could increase house prices by nearly £40,000

    It turns out that living near a Waitrose may not only be handy for the weekly shop but it could also boost the price of your house by as much as £38,831. And it's not only Waitrose that has got the cost of homes soaring, Lloyds Bank have

  • Best and worst supermarkets revealed

    Waitrose has been voted the best supermarket in the UK, narrowly reclaiming the title from last year's winner Aldi. The upmarket grocer gained a customer score of 73% in the survey of 7,000 shoppers by Which?, gaining top marks for customer

  • Waitrose scraps tea and coffee free-for-all

    Waitrose is scrapping a tea and coffee free-for-all which allowed members of its loyalty card scheme to enjoy a hot drink for nothing in its cafes even if they had bought nothing else. The upmarket store says it is not a cost-saving exercise and

  • Lorry driver puts the 'wait' in Waitrose

    Twitter/@sfpjessbell A supermarket delivery driver has been left somewhat red-faced after getting his lorry stuck under a railway

  • Lidl matches Waitrose in blind taste test

    Discount store Lidl has done as well as posh nosh specialist Waitrose in a mass blind-tasting of indulgent Christmas foods. BBC Good Food compared more than 240 festive treats from 11 supermarkets and both won three categories. Fellow