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  • Lab stays perfectly still to win viral video challenge

    Roxie the Labrador nails the viral "temptation challenge" by remaining remarkably still as her owner leaves the room. This is most unusual for a lab! Her owner, from Waterford in Ireland, places a treat on the floor in front of Roxie

  • Garbage collector ‘spooked’ by discovery in family’s trash: ‘I don’t think he’ll ever come back’

    By Morgan Greenwald, In The Know Two refuse collectors are going viral after getting caught on the wrong end of a family's trash-themed prank (which you can watch below). The stunt began when Shannah Hammons, who runs a TikTok account with

  • Man's funny take on press-up challenge

    This man completes the social media press-up challenge with ease... with a little help from his son and a see-saw. The clip, filmed in his garden in Dumfries, shows the man, named only as Graham, doing the challenge with a bit of humour.

  • Man loses eyebrow in silly stunt

    This guy instantly regrets sticking a strip of tape over his eyebrow - then ripping it off. The video, which has gone viral after he shared it on his TikTok profile, includes the incredulous reaction from a woman in the background. "You must

  • Woman considers suing man over ‘assault’ on airplane: ‘Mistook me for a punching bag’

    A woman recently went viral on Twitter after sharing a video of the person behind her punching her seat after she reclined it. Wendi Williams said that she took an American Airlines flight on Jan. 31 from New Orleans to Charlotte, N.C., and

  • Man falls through ceiling in shop

    A trip to the shops isn't usually an unusual activity - unless you popped into this one at the wrong time. The footage above shows the moment a man crashed through the ceiling, resulting in his legs dangling above the shelves. Watch the

  • Philippine officials to disqualify man seen driving from passenger seat

    The Philippine Department of Transportation said it wanted to ensure a driver doesn't get a license again, after a video was posted to Facebook showing a man driving while sitting in a car's passenger seat. The department released the

  • 10 viral videos that turned out to be fake

    Remember the snowboarder being chased by a bear? How about the man who could run on water? We're bombarded with viral videos that are rapidly shared across the world, but sometimes they're too good to be true. Take a look at the video

  • They tried - but failed miserably

    This was never going to end well! Our video compilation pays tribute to woman and girls from all around the world who tried - and failed miserably. Watch what happens. Below is a bunch of people giving it a go - and being

  • Dancing mum in viral video has no regrets

    A clip of a mother stuck in traffic dancing to the Backstreet Boys has gone viral and left her family mortified but Wendy Gossett is enjoying her time in the spotlight. "I had someone from Great Britain tell me I looked tidy", laughed

  • Man dancing with Jesus stuns train travellers

    A man on a train singing and dancing to disco music while praising a miniature sculpture of Jesus may be the funniest thing you see today. Onlookers are watching in disbelief as the man gets into the groove during the journey in Montreal, Canada.

  • Dancing traffic warden dazzles drivers

    A traffic warden has been caught on camera dancing in the middle of a busy road in South Africa while directing traffic. The unnamed woman was filmed by passing motorists as she busted moves at an intersection in the Fourways district of

  • Stunning video shows man practicing martial arts on moving motorcycle

    Staggering footage has surfaced that shows a man practicing martial arts while standing on a moving motorcycle. The video, which was captured by a shocked driver in the Chinese city of Chengdu, shows the man performing what looks like a tai chi

  • Toddler's ecstatic reaction to motorcycle racing goes viral

    A toddler's ecstatic reaction to motorcycle racing has been watched more than 40 million times after his father posted it to Facebook. Two-year-old Logan Cox was taken to last weekend's MotoGP race at Silverstone Circuit in

  • Wild Weddings: Video Playlist

    Little Boy Dives Into Bride as She Walks Down the Aisle

  • Body Shocks: Video Playlist

    Watch a series of videos about the human body, medical marvels, people with rare conditions affecting their bodies, or unusual stories of people who’ve chosen to take body modification to the extreme.

  • Kids and Babies Video Playlist

    Kids do and say the funniest things - but they also do some pretty cool things too. Watch a series of video showing the latest trending kids and babies videos on Yahoo Style.

  • Ford makes parody Ken Block Gymkhana video

    YouTube / Ford Europe Famous Ford hooligan Ken Block has made his fair share of zany videos, where he pushes his tuned Fiesta to the absolute limit. However, Ford itself has got in on the Gymkhana video action by creating its own stop-motion

  • Russian motorist attacks car with axe in road rage incident

    This is the shocking moment an enraged motorist was caught on camera smashing up a car full of children with an

  • Video: Lamborghini Aventador smashes into hatchback while tearing around London

    A Lamborghini Aventador owner was left picking up pricy pieces of carbon fibre after colliding with a Mazda2 hatchback on the busy streets of

  • Video: RC Subaru WRX STI vs StickBomb

    We're assuming the vast majority of readers don't have a clue what a 'StickBomb' is (we didn't, either), so we'll do our very best to

  • Even the police are a hazard on Russian roads

    Cameras mounted to the dashboards of Russian cars have captured pretty much everything from meteorites striking the earth to cows making love in the middle of the

  • How to cook a Christmas turkey... with a Lamborghini!

    Supercar spotter and Internet hit Shmee150 found fame by relentlessly stalking some of the most exotic and hard-to-find machines known to

  • Jaguar takes a bite out of Mercedes' chicken ad

    Mercedes-Benz tried its hand at a bit of viral marketing earlier this year, releasing a video that portrayed a group of chickens dancing to a Diana Ross

  • Female driver flips car in most casual accident committed to film

    A video surfaced online yesterday that portrays possibly the most relaxed reaction to a road traffic accident in

  • Pagani Huayra takes on Pagani Zonda in exclusive track test

    It is very rare that a Pagani is spotted cruising the streets of his hometown near Modena in Italy, let alone spied thrashing around a damp racing circuit in West