• Community fridges are coming: what are they?

    How would you like to cut down on food waste, and get a load of food for free? It's the kind of win-win that sounds too good to be true, but it's exactly what the Community Fridge revolution is offering. And you have until the end of

  • 7 ways to earn more Nectar points

    The Nectar loyalty scheme is famously less generous than some of its competitors (ever since the reward for shopping at Sainsbury's was halved two years ago). However, we shouldn't give up on it, just because you only get back 0.5p for

  • Can your employer force you to work over Christmas?

    Sainsbury's staff have been complaining that the supermarket is running a Christmas advert about families taking time off to spend together over Christmas - but insisting their own staff work during the Christmas period. They are not alone.

  • The best deals from Sainsbury's for Black Friday 2016

    Sainsbury's, along with other big stores and online shops including Tesco, Morrisons, eBay and Amazon, will be taking part in Black Friday 2016. The supermarket had a successful day last year and is presumably hoping to recreate the same

  • Freebie Friday: treat yourself for free

    As the winter chill arrives and the long dark nights settle in, we all need cheering up. This can be an expensive business, as the cost of all that chocolate, alcohol and pampering toiletries adds up. Fortunately, we have found a way that you can

  • The supermarkets confusing us with multibuy offers

    Unless you buy in bulk, then bargain hunters should beware of shopping at Waitrose, because instead of simply offering discounts on groceries, it favours multibuys. These are no friend of the true bargain hunter, because they can end up

  • Customers outraged as Sainsbury's cuts back on meal deal

    Sainsbury's customers are up in arms after the supermarket dropped some of the most popular packaged sandwiches from its meal deal. Rebranded as 'On The Go', the new deal excludes luxury Taste the Difference sandwiches, as well as

  • How to pick up Prosecco for just £2.63

    Well, here's something to celebrate: Sainsbury's has reinstated the combination of special offers that allows customers to pick up bottles of Prosecco for just £2.63 each. The Italian fizz normally costs £9. But by 'code

  • The 'Waitrose Effect' adds £40,000 to your house price

    Living near a branch of Waitrose adds an average of £40,000 to the value of your home - and it's not just Waitrose. A new study has revealed that being within easy reach of any well-known supermarket can boost the value of your property by

  • Tesco and Sainsbury's urgent recall of tinned pasta over choking risk

    Tesco and Sainsbury's have issued an urgent recall for several of their tinned pasta products. The tins of own-brand beef ravioli and macaroni cheese have been ruled a health risk, after the discovery that they may contain pieces of

  • Freebie Friday: celebrate summer with a handful of freebies

    Summer means something different to everyone. For some, it's all about sitting in a beer garden drinking a cold pint, for others it's best celebrated at a music festival, and for still more it doesn't get any better than when

  • Are supermarket loyalty cards worth the bother?

    Loyalty cards are on the wane. Tesco has dropped its popular Clubcard Boost promotions; Sainsbury's has halved the number of Nectar points you earn on your grocery shopping; and Morrisons has ditched the 'Match' part of its

  • Tesco will take your Sainsbury's Brand Match vouchers

    In the latest move in the supermarket price wars, Tesco has announced that from today until June it will accept any Sainsbury's Brand Match coupons. It's a brilliant wheeze, designed to remind people that while the Sainsbury's

  • Lidl is winning the supermarket price war - closely followed by Aldi

    The latest supermarket sales figures show that Lidl is winning the price war. Sales at the chain are up an astonishing 17.7% in a year, and its market share has increased from 3.7% to 4.4% in the last three months alone. Aldi, meanwhile, has seen

  • Sainsbury's recalls Camembert products over Listeria risk

    Sainsbury's has issued a recall for a number of Camembert products. The Taste the Difference French Camembert Cheese 250g, Taste the Difference Baking Camembert Cheese 250g and Camembert Pays 250g may contain Listeria monocytogenes. The

  • Why would J Sainsbury plc buy Home Retail Group plc?

    With Home Retail's (LSE: HOME) Argos' logistical prowess and Sainsbury's (LSE: SBRY) vast footprint of stores ready for eager customers to come click-and-collecting, combining the two groups might just make sense —

  • Should Tesco PLC And J Sainsbury plc Give Up Selling Groceries?

    Like millions of Britons, grocery chain J Sainsbury (LSE: SBRY) hit the sales straight after Christmas, making a £1bn approach for Home Retail Group, the parent company of Argos, Habitat and Homebase. That's quite an ambitious shopping list

  • 2015: a year of hell for the supermarkets

    2015 will go down in retail history as one of the worst in living memory for the big four supermarkets. They may have thought that 2014 was bad enough (especially for scandal-hit Tesco), but this year they have had collapsing profits, falling

  • Tesco, Aldi and Asda Christmas food: the cheapest revealed

    Aldi is the cheapest supermarket to buy your Christmas food this year, with Asda beating Lidl to second place, and Tesco's expensive turkeys pushing it way out of contention.The study looked at the cost of a basket of festive goodies on 11th

  • Sainsbury's Black Friday deals 2015

    Sainsbury's throws open its doors to Black Friday bargain-hunters at 6.00am and will stay open until 10.00; deals end at midnight on Sunday.It's only the second time the company has taken part in Black Friday, and it's taking a