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    Arnold Schwarzenegger serves up epic life advice on Reddit

    Who wouldn't want a bit of #MondayMotivation from Arnold Schwarzenegger?

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    Why too much positivity is bad for your health

    Positive thinking can be beneficial to our mental health, but, believing you can be happy all the time or beating yourself up because you’re not, is ultimately a waste of time. The insidious positive thinking industry pelts us daily with self-help advice, motivational memes and vapid wall plaques.

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    Work, Work, Work: 9 Fine Productivity Apps And Plug-ins

    [Photo: kaboompics]

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    The Only Way Is Up: How Climbing Mount Snowdon Changed My Outlook On Life

    ...Down, left, and right.

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    How To Avoid Distraction

    People walking past, the clouds drifting along outside your window, the hot new colleague who sits 2 desks down, the credit card bill sitting on your kitchen counter at home. Have you noticed the direct link between squirrels and hours in the day?

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    Hate Commuting? How To Make The Most Of Your Train Journey

    Time Travel Is The Answer.

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    Top Tips For Morning Motivation

    There aren’t many of us who actually look forward to getting up and going to work in the morning, so we could all do with a healthy dose of motivation when that alarm clock goes off. It is possible to do things to your morning routine however, to get you into a more positive frame of mind about the day ahead. Louise Rusk, Co-Director of The Rusk Company which operates two of Glasgow’s top restaurants- Hutcheson’s Bar & Brasserie and The Butchershop Bar & Grill- recommends rising early.