• Here’s what to do in case of swelling from a spider bite

    While the majority of spiders found in the world are harmless, they can sometimes bite when they try to defend themselves. A spider bite is easily recognised by two dots at the site of the bite created by the spider using its mandibles. A spider

  • The very best insect repellent sprays on Amazon, according to reviews

    Because with the summer comes the bugs.

  • You can help save insects from extinction by mowing your lawn less often

    Scientists say that people can help save insects from extinction by simply mowing their lawns less often. The University of Huddersfield reports that letting the grass grow provides the little creatures with more nutritional opportunities.

  • Spooky cobwebs blanket hedges in 'not-so-cosy' English countryside

    A hedgerow near Bristol has been coated in a creepy layer of cobwebs in this eerie video. What looks like the work of spiders, or unseasonal Halloween pranksters, is actually the creation of an army of very hungry caterpillars. The scary silken

  • Study reveals which rooms in our home attract more bugs

    New research reveals how the layout plays a role in the diversity of bugs that can be found in our homes. Which room has the most? Find out in the video above. See also: How to keep spiders out of your house See also: Bed bugs could be

  • Repelling mosquitoes: Everything you need to know

    Get your notepad out if you have another holiday coming up.

  • A virus is turning caterpillars into 'exploding zombies'

    A bug is being blamed for turning caterpillars into what has been called exploding zombies. The recent outbreak in the UK was spotted by Doctor Chris Miller, a Wildlife Trust manager, when he was in the field conducting a butterfly survey.

  • Don't panic, but there are bugs in your food!

    We consume thousands of insect pieces when we drink coffee. But it doesn't end there. Eww. Find out what other flutterbugs might be in your food above. See also: Stop eating these three foods to banish that muffin top See also: Cooking with

  • Bees wreak havoc in Hull as 20,000 swarm car

    This is the astonishing moment a woman in Hull came home to find 20,000 bees all over her car. The blue Nissan Juke had been parked on her driveway while she was out, when a neighbour phoned and reported that a swarm of bees had descended upon the

  • This beetle pupa looks like an alien

    Hirofumi Kawano captures a rarely seen Hercules Beetle pupa. After egg and larval stages, they grow a striking red chrysalis. See also: Ten tiny creatures that can kill you See also: New insect species has four penises, 200 poison glands and

  • Video shows ants carrying injured nestmate home

    The findings from a recently conducted study describe ants carrying their injured nestmates back home for recovery. These ants have usually lost an extremity or have termites clinging to them. See also: Tourist has both legs amputated after

  • Tourist has both legs amputated after spider bite

    A Filipino man was on vacation in Victoria, Australia recently when he had to have both of his legs amputated after a possible spider bite. Terry Pareja has no memory of the bite but his doctor believes the spider in question could have been

  • Dangerous STD-carrying ladybirds invading UK homes

    Ladybirds believed to be carrying a dangerous sexually-transmitted infection that have arrived in Britain from Asia and North America are invading UK homes. One mum has told of how her Essex home was covered in the giant Harlequin ladybirds.

  • New insect species has four penises, 200 poison glands and 414 legs

    A peculiar new poison-shooting insect has baffled scientists with its extreme defence mechanism - but that's not the only reason why it has tongues wagging. The illacme tobini also possesses an impressive 414 legs - and can handily turn

  • Once you read this, you’ll never want to eat figs again

    There’s always been something classy about figs; you can find them in daiquiris, scented soaps, and they always taste better on holiday. (Fine - fig rolls aren’t so classy, but you get the picture.)

  • Get rid of ants the easy way

    Insects are an unfortunate downside of summer - but there are things you can do if you're facing an ant invasion. Here are four ways to deal with the problem... See also: Meet the Giant Weta, an insect as big as a gerbil! 1. Shoot the

  • Mosquitoes: Why do some people get bitten more than others?

    Do you find yourself covered in mosquito bites every summer while your mates don't get touched atall? Well there might finally be a reason why: you're probably a mosquito magnet! Health experts say mosquitoes seem to prefer certain

  • Ten tiny creatures that can kill you

    Most of us have a few irrational fears - and a huge number of people are terrified of a whole range of creepy crawlies that can't do you any harm. But what about the ones that really are dangerous? See also: Killer mosquito invasion

  • Giant Scottish caterpillar web draws tourists

    It's a rare sight - thousands of caterpillars creating a 32 foot long floss-like web in the car park of a shop in Sterling, Scotland. The insects built the webs to keep predators away and since word spread, the floss-like web has become a