helen skelton

  • Helen Skelton was groped live on air while pregnant

    The TV presenter said the incident took place in 2014.

  • Helen Skelton on challenges and channelling the Blue Peter spirit always

    As a Blue Peter presenter, it’s par for the course to do a few crazy challenges along the way. A finishing Ultra Marathon runner, Helen is holder of world records for the longest solo journey by kayak, and the longest distance in a kayak in 24 hours by a woman.

  • Helen Skelton Continues To Send Internet Into Meltdown By Wearing Clothes

    Helen Skelton - who according to reports earlier this week, was found possessing set of limbs - continues to shock the world with her wardrobe-related behaviour. Yes - by wearing items of clothing that most women own, the TV presenter continues to be shamed on the internet. Many Twitter users have pointed out that these outfits have been labelled ‘not family friendly’ by viewers, yet their backdrop of men in nothing but speedos haven’t been.

  • A TV Presenter Wore Shorts To The Olympics And People Can’t Get Over It

    Sat next to male co-host Mark Foster who was also wearing shorts (let that sink in for a moment), it was a toasty 22 degrees over in Rio - but all that mattered to Twitter users was the visibility of Skelton’s legs. The best thing about this whole charade has been Skelton’s response - silence.