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  • Woman nearly refused entry on flight because of visible eczema

    It’s believed that more than 30 million Americans are affected by eczema, which is why Emily Loh was so surprised by the reaction she received while trying to board an Air France/KLM plane from Barcelona to Paris earlier this week.  ALSO SEE: Eczema: What it is and how to treat it “I went to check in at desk 704, where I was initially greeted warmly by the agent. Upon seeing the eczema that covers my arms and hands, he pointed and asked with disdain, ‘What is that?’" said the 30-year-old Canadian in a Facebook post describing the incident.  “I was taken aback but am accustomed to people asking questions about my condition, so I replied 'It’s eczema, it’s a chronic skin condition I was born with.’"  When the agent continued to express disgust and suspicion, asking Loh whether it was contagious and suggesting she was required to carry a doctor’s note permitting her to fly, she began to grow frustrated and offended.