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  • The daftest flight attendants ever

    Flight attendants: they're serious when they need to be and have no trouble telling passengers off when they're out of line but every now and again they like to surprise and amuse us in the most unusual ways. SEE ALSO: The secret

  • Ryanair flight attendant makes safety instructions more fun

    This Ryanair flight attendant managed to get the attention of passengers by jazzing up the safety demonstration somewhat. See also: Revealed: The secret thoughts of flight attendants There seem to be more and more funny deliveries of safety

  • Cabin crew short-change passengers to pocket over £300 per year

    Cabin crew have confessed the most frequent ways that they break the rules while serving the public on flights, including short-changing passengers to pocket £331.20 per year. A new poll has revealed that flight attendants have lied to

  • Flight attendants reveal worst passenger behaviour

    Flight attendants recently revealed some of the worst behaviour they have seen from passengers Horror stories were relayed on the Q&A website Quora - and one of the most recurring stories involved passengers watching adult videos.

  • Hashtag reveals what cabin crew life is really like (video)

    The mystery surrounding what cabin crew are doing before you get on the plane has been revealed thanks to an Instagram hashtag. Not unlike many other professions, it appears that cabin crew are using their very own hashtag on Instagram to

  • Video: Flight attendant does Bruno Mars' Uptown Funk

    There is a glut of videos of air stewards doing entertaining things at the moment - and here's another one in case you've not seen enough yet. We really have no idea why this flight attendant would suddenly decide to break into a

  • Flight attendant turns comedienne in hilarious safety demo (video)

    A Southwest Airlines flight attendant had plane passengers in fits of giggles with an inflight safety demonstration that could have been a comedy act. The clip has gone viral and has now been viewed over 15 million times on YouTube. The

  • Cabin crews take the selfie craze to the skies

    It seems the selfie craze has hit the skies and created a new kind of 'mile high' club. Attractive young air hostesses are snapping themselves dolled up and ready to fly - and sharing the images on Instagram. Many of the images have

  • What flight attendants are really thinking

    Have you ever sat on a long-haul flight and wondered exactly what the cabin crew are really thinking about you, behind those wide smiles? See also: Video goes viral: air stewardesses strip off on board See also: Quiz: Guess the cabin crew

  • Singapore airline makes emergency landing after it 'just fell from sky'

    A Singapore Airlines fight from London to Singapore was forced to make a dramatic emergency landing in Azerbaijan on Sunday after losing cabin pressure. BBC News reports that the aircraft landed "uneventfully" at Baku airport, and

  • Air passenger tied up after argument with cabin crew about smoking

    A German man was tied up by cabin crew on an Emirates Air flight to Brisbane because he refused to stop smoking. Mathias Jorg, 54, was taking a seven-hour flight from Singapore to Brisbane when the incident occurred; reports suggest that he

  • Weird items forgotten on planes

    A live parrot, a glass eye and a bag of sand were just a few of the bizarre items left behind on aeroplanes recently.

  • Flight attendant accused of smuggling rats in her underwear

    An American Airlines flight attendant is suing the airline because her colleagues claimed that she had smuggled her pet rats onto an international flight by hiding them in her underwear. Louann Giambattista, 55, says that she was blacklisted by

  • Drunk cricketer tries to open aircraft door in mid-air search for the toilet

    A Sri Lankan cricket player sparked panic on a British Airways flight from St Lucia to Gatwick when he tried to open the cabin door at 35,000 feet. The man, who had reportedly been drinking for four hours before he boarded the plane, spent

  • Ryanair staff made to buy £360 uniform and only paid for time 'in the air'

    Ryanair has been accused of exploiting its staff after a former flight attendant contacted her local MP to reveal that the low-cost airline only pays workers for the time they spend 'in the air' and are forced to pay £360 for their

  • Watch: Woman defies cabin crew and smokes onboard flight

    A woman has been caught on camera smoking on a Middle East Airlines (MEA) flight, even though a cabin attendant asked her to put her cigarette out. The video shows the woman continuing to smoke, even after she has been confronted by a member

  • Passengers outraged after BA crew go on 'drunken rampage' during flight

    An investigation is underway after passengers complained about a group of off-duty BA flight attendants behaving like drunken 'spoiled brats' during a flight. Passengers who had spent up to £7,500 for a seat in First and Club

  • Cathay Pacific cabin crew threatens 'no smiles or booze' over salary dispute

    Getty Cathay Pacific flight attendants have threatened to withhold food, alcohol and smiles from passengers during the Christmas holidays over a salary dispute. reports that the Cathay Pacific Airways Flight Attendants Union, which

  • David Beckham complains about being hassled by BA cabin crew

    PA When you're spending a few hours on a long-haul flight, it's nice to kick back and relax. But David Beckham is reportedly getting a bit fed up with being hassled on his regular transatlantic flights between LA and London - and

  • Ryanair steward sacked thanks to mystery passengers

    PA A senior cabin crew member has been sacked by Ryanair after a 'mystery passenger' complained about his conduct on flights. The Irish Examiner reports that Ryanair staff are aware that mystery passengers sometimes travel on