burger king

  • Win a free burger if you get fired

    If you have been fired and are willing to share it with the business world on Linkedin, you could be getting a gift from Burger King. Whopper Severance packages are here if you are willing to share your story. See also: The most annoying

  • Burger King opens a spa at one Finnish outlet

    Saunas are a big part of Finnish culture, and one branch of Burger King has decided to embrace the tradition. One of the Helsinki franchises has opened spa facilities, with saunas, steam rooms and a shower. One of the saunas seats 15 people, but

  • Three greatest business rivalries

    Rivalry in business is one of the factors that really keeps companies alert. Whether it means 'keeping up with Joneses' or making sure you've got the inside track on what your rival is about to do next, rivalry can be very

  • Burger King looking to collaborate with McDonald's

    Burger King is seeking a day of peace with its arch-rivals, McDonald's. The famous fast food chain reached out to its competitors suggesting that they come together for one day only, put their difference aside and create a burger together

  • Why did Burger King pay for this couple's wedding?

    A couple in New Berlin, Illinois, has had their wedding paid for by Burger King. The event was themed by the hamburger chain, so the wedding party had photos wearing the Burger King Crown, and the groomsmen wore Burger King T-shirts under their

  • Burger King blunder: would you like cash with that?

    Any junk food aficionado will tell you that joy often lies at the bottom of the fast food restaurant's paper bags. However, ABC news has reported that for one Burger King customer in Rochester in the US, the delights of the paper bag were

  • Burger King customer finds slug in burger

    Manminber Singh, a 37 year-old burger fan, popped in for a chicken burger at Burger King in Darlington in County Durham. He had just taken a bite of his meal when he came face to face with a slug. So is this the most horrible creature to be

  • Fast-food employee steals robbery getaway car

    A Burger King employee has foiled a robbery at the fast-food restaurant by stealing the thieves' getaway car at a branch in Stockton, California. Faced with two armed robbers storming through the front door demanding cash, the unidentified

  • Fiat 500 Abarth gets more power thanks to Superchips

    Superchips, the second best maker of amazing chips behind Burger King, has turned the attention of its super duper tuning computer to the Fiat 500 Abarth. The UK-based chipping company has unleashed an extra 22bhp and 34lb ft from the 500