• A third of Brits admit to using a dating app while in a relationship

    Over half said they'd dump their partner if they found them doing it.

  • Third of Britons believe having sex with a robot counts as cheating

    Just one in ten said they would be "fine with it".

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  • Woman writes scathing open letter to best friend’s ex-husband

    “I hope your new house has roaches. An anonymous woman has written a brutally honest open letter to her best friend’s ex-husband, taking BFF status to a whole new level. Published on Scary Mommy, the aptly titled “A Letter to My Best Friend’s Ex-Husband Because Screw You A**hole,” contains a series of profanity-laced accusations interspersed with praises for the scorned wife and a few cockroach-related threats, for good measure.

  • Could your wife be having an affair?

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    You know your partner - his schedule, mood and personality. Suddenly he's acting differently and maybe a little defensive. Is there another woman or is he just going through a life transition? Andrea Sytrash, KnowMore TV's Sex &