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  • Student Sex Workers Exist. Denying That Won’t Make Them Go Away

    “If you don’t like the idea of students having to sell sex, we have a suggestion for you! Fight for cheaper rents, the return of grants, and higher minimum wage. But to attack services aimed at student sex workers is profoundly dangerous.” These are the thoughts, voiced on Twitter, of SWARM (a grassroots, sex worker-led collective fighting the criminalisation of sex work and supporting sex workers) following the controversy surrounding Durham University students’ union’s safety training for stud

  • What Is Super-Fertility? It’s Not As Straightforward As It Sounds

    If you’re trying to get pregnant, or even planning to try to get pregnant, you might make the assumption that being ‘super-fertile’ is a good thing. It suggests that having lots of babies comes naturally, right? Sadly it’s not quite that simple. Super-fertility (or ‘hyperfertility’ as you may also see it referred to) is a term that has been given to describe a theoretical condition where a person’s endometrium is super-receptive and so allows many more embryos to implant, irrespective of their q

  • I Used To Smoke - Has It Affected My Fertility?

    From increased complications to egg loss, cigarettes can do long-lasting damage

  • This Forgotten Edwardian Fertility Treatment Is Making A Comeback

    Fertility treatment is increasingly expensive and inaccessible for many. NHS treatment in England is dictated by a postcode lottery and cuts to funding (together with inconsistent rules about access) mean that only 32% of the country’s IVF cycles and 6% of IUI cycles are funded by the NHS. The rules are even harder to navigate for same-sex couples and single women, who are left with no choice but to go down the private clinic route. This can cost up to £1,600 for one round of IUI and £5,000 for

  • Oloni Talks About Sex Like Nobody Else On The Internet

    When she was younger, 31-year-old Dami Olonisakin, the British Nigerian sex expert, relationships advisor and internet breaker known as Oloni, asked her mum where babies come from. She found the answer wanting. “She told me, ‘God puts it inside of you’. I was like, ‘This sounds insane’,” she tells me during our video call. “It was pretty much her trying to censor the idea of sex and sexuality,” Oloni continues. “I guess I was sheltered to an extent.” Oloni now leads conversations about sex, sexu

  • Everything You Wanted To Know (But Were Too Embarrassed To Ask) About Casual Sex

    Because of the way brains are wired, casual sex can have an effect on your hormones. Here's how it affects your mental health and feelings, per sex experts.