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    When is the right time to take your vitamins?

    Did you know that your body will absorb vitamins differently depending on what time you take them? If you don't take vitamins consistently, you may not be getting optimal levels during the week. Fat-soluble vitamins, such as A, D, E and K,

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    Carrots, grapefruit and other foods to fight a cold

    Did you know that some foods can boost your immune system and keep you healthy? When it comes to Vitamin C, everyone tends to think of oranges, but nutritionist Joy Bauer thinks there are other options that do a far better job of keeping colds at

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    Are British women really too unhealthy to go through pregnancy?

    The findings reveal women are smoking and drinking, and not getting the recommended vitamins.

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    Supplements to help you get through winter

    Sales of vitamins and supplements top £400m in the UK, with more than 60 per cent of adults taking them daily or occasionally. However, much of the marketing revolves around promises which are unsubstantiated, and it's possible you could

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    Get ready to eat: The supplements you need to prepare your stomach for Christmas

    <p>The digestive system is a complex beast and even the smallest lifestyle, food or health changes can cause gut problems. Tummy troubles are among the most common health complaint, and even more so at Christmas, when we’re eating (and drinking!) more than usual.</p><p>Why is it so easy to upset our tummy? "Our digestive tract is not just a tube” explains nutritionist Cassandra Burns. “It consists of several distinct parts, where different gastric processes occur and various cell types are being

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    Six reasons you need to take vitamin D

    You might already know that vitamin D is essential for bone health, as it helps the body absorb calcium, but did you know that it may reduce your risk of getting multiple sclerosis and heart disease, and even help you lose weight? See also:

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    Make Ours A Mango Smoothie: Why Mangoes Are The New Superfood

    Scooch over goji berries, there’s a new fruit on the superfood block and scientists believe it could be just as beneficial to health. New research claims that mangoes have been found to boost gut bacteria, which can help stop obesity and ward off type 2 diabetes. Scientists at Oklahoma State University have studied how regularly getting a mango fix impacts health and found that it can prevent the loss of beneficial gut bacteria which can be caused by a high-fat diet.