• The chemicals in non-stick pans could be having a surprising impact on penis size

    Perfluoroalkyl compounds (PFCs) are found in everyday items, such as the non-stick coating on cookware and fast food packaging

  • Air pollution is taking a toll on men's sperm quality

    A new study says that men who are exposed to air pollution are more likely to have abnormally shaped sperm.

  • Here's why a man's sleep pattern could be affecting his fertility

    Turns out getting too little or too much sleep can have an impact on a man's fertility.

  • Men could soon test their fertility on a smartphone app

    Just when we thought the most helpful thing phones could do is remind women take the pill on time every day, a new app could be here to help men and their fertility. According to new research published by Science Translational Medicine, we could soon see the arrival of a new smartphone app which allows men to test their sperm count at home without the need of lab equipment. Apparently, the method’s accuracy was pretty similar to computer-assisted laboratory analysis – even when someone totally inexperienced in using it and with no clinical background tried it out.

  • Men can improve their sperm count with this exercise

    A new study shows moderate running on a treadmill boosts mens' sperm count. Watch the video above to find out more. See also: Plea for understanding for men over fertility issues See also: Sons could inherit infertility from fathers