• Revealed: Why we say 'cheese' when taking photos

    Have you ever wondered where this comes from?

  • Newborn babies do smile at their parents, growing research suggests

    Children may have the ability to express emotion from an early age.

  • Adorable image of premature baby SMILING at just five days old goes viral

    The internet is going crazy for this beautiful premature baby and her massive smile. Proud mum Lauren Vinje posted the image on the Love What Matters Facebook group, where it’s since gone viral. Lauren wrote: “Our first daughter at five days old.

  • Eat Your Way To A Brighter Smile: 10 Foods To Whiten Your Teeth

    You won’t want them within three feet of your new white, spring jeans (unless of course they’re the new stain-free variety we reported on this week), but though they might ruin your clothes, strawberries are actually surprisingly good at whitening your teeth. “As strawberries contain malic acid (natures natural teeth whitener) they can gently remove the surface stains that make your teeth look dark and aged,” says Sandeep Senghera, Head of Dentistry for “Strawberries also have the added benefit of ellagitannins, antioxidants that can help reduce stain-attracting bacteria and inflammation in your mouth,” adds a spokesperson for premium teeth whitening toothpaste brand, BlanX.

  • Zero interest is nothing to Smile about

    Little to grin about at Smile, the Co-op's Internet banking arm. From 6 August Smile will be paying ZERO interest on all three of its current accounts. Plus, it's hiking its overdraft rate to 18.9% from 15.9%. Roll back 13 years and