• Tourists arrested in Thailand for 'butt selfies' at temple

    Two Americans have been arrested in Thailand for posting a photo with their butts exposed in front of a famous Buddhist temple. The duo ran the social media account Traveling Butts which has since been taken down but a new account has been

  • The places where your selfie stick isn't welcome

    Even though it's one pretty picture, you'd better leave your selfie stick at home when traveling to these places across the US and around the world! I bring this up because authorities in Milan, Italy recently banned the use of

  • Selfies may be giving people epileptic seizures

    This is why you should never take a selfie while driving.

  • Woman falls into basement trap door as she texts and walks

    This woman was so absorbed by her phone that she didn't spot an open trapdoor in the street. Just one of the reasons why you should look where you're going when you're walking. See also: Woman falls from 60ft bridge while taking

  • Teacher quits job after 'sultry' selfie suspension

    A teacher who was suspended for posting sexy selfies on Facebook has quit her job, revealing she “couldn’t go back” after the news went viral.

  • What's Behind the ‘Bambi Pose,’ Social Media’s Latest Selfie Craze?

    The Bambi pose has taken over social media. Now, just in time for spring, we have the “Bambi pose,” a new selfie trend that’s gone viral on social media. Women all over Instagram, including celebs such as Bella Hadid and Jordyn Woods, are contorting their bodies into coquettish, childlike poses with splayed legs and lifeless facial expressions.

  • Is Religion an Excuse for Ivanka Trump’s ‘Let Them Eat Cake’ Photo?

    The backlash is still brewing over a photo that first daughter Ivanka Trump shared of herself and her husband, Jared Kushner, all dressed up for a black-tie event on Saturday night, a situation that has been described as having heavy “Let them eat cake” overtones. To recap: As people around the country protested President Trump’s executive order that temporarily bans the citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States and immediately halted the U.S. refugee program for four months — with Syrian refugees barred indefinitely — the couple posted a glamorous date-night image with Ivanka wearing a $5,000 metallic dress.

  • Apparently, There Are Three Categories Of Selfie Takers

    The debate about what motivates people (who are we kidding, this almost always means women) to take selfies has been raging since the invention of the front lens on camera phones that made taking them so easy. While some people have argued that taking selfies is a radical feminist act of self-love and body positivity, others have hypothesised that selfies are a sign of narcissism. Enter the student researchers at Brigham Young University, who decided to study people’s motivations for taking selfies after realising that their motives for snapping photos of themselves were much more complex than simple narcissistic tendencies would allow for.

  • Woman Tries to Show the World Her Outfit, Instead Reveals Her Filthy Room

    Alyssa, who goes by the handle og_pocahontas on Twitter, recently posted a selfie in an elegant gown. The reactions on Twitter, unfortunately, have not been about her dress. Yahoo Style, in its reporting, could not confirm if the maid had the holidays off.

  • Selfies can be good for your mental health, it turns out

    Selfies have been getting a bad rep recently, with people saying that they’re ‘vain’, trigger low self esteem and are something that only ‘self-obsessed’ millennials like to do. The group was then randomly split into three, with one third being asked to take a smiling selfie at this time, another to take a picture of an object of place that made them happy, and the final group told to take a picture of something that would make someone else happy before sending it to the person. In other words, taking happy selfies is far from damaging for our self esteems - in fact, it probably makes us happier.

  • Girls take selfies in middle of road in China

    Two girls were filmed as they sat in the middle of a road in China and took photographs of themselves. The footage shows as the identically dressed pair squatted and sat on the centre white lines of a major road in the city of Huaian, Jiangsu

  • Selfies cause wrinkles - really

    Are you a selfie addict? Well take note, because they're bad for your skin. Yes, really. According to the latest research, you need to kick the habit asap if you want smooth, wrinkle-free skin. See also: The four best things you can do

  • South Asian Women Shut Down Azealia Banks’ Hateful Comment By Sharing Beautiful Selfies

    South Asian women are taking to social media in response to Azealia Banks Twitter rant [Photo: Instagram/anchalmua]

  • Selfies Have Officially Become Part of Marriage Proposals

    More recently, UK-resident Ray Smith took 138 selfies with Claire Bramley while holding a secret “will you marry me” sign — all under the guise of documenting his pregnant ladyfriend’s growing belly. Like it or not, it looks as though selfies have officially been integrated into the marriage proposal process.

  • It’s More Than Just Selfies: What It Takes To Become A Successful Model

    With the likes of Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevingne dominating not only the beauty and fashion industry, but winning over the public with their social media networks (a combined 41 million followers on their Instagram’s), modelling has become less about the look and more about the online persona. Reflecting upon the concept of modelling becoming more dominated by social media influence, I decided to contact my friend Charlotte Gergahty. Lottie is essentially a super-model, she has appeared in campaigns for Jerome Russell and Ann Taylor, as well as being the face of numerous clotting companies and appearing in music videos worldwide.

  • Paris Hilton Is a Major Art Collector Who Is Inventing the Ultimate Selfie Accessory

    Is Paris Hilton still famous? The short answer is “yes.” The medium answer is “hell yes.” And the long answer is that when Hilton arrived at Jeremy Scott’s dinner on Wednesday night in Miami, the California native was alone for all of two seconds before being swarmed by the suntanned masses.

  • Brits warned to stop taking selfies on rail tracks

    People across Britain are being asked to stop taking 'selfies' and photos while standing on railway tracks - after CCTV captured eight dangerous incidents in just a day at one level crossing in Derbyshire. The footage reveals that one

  • 17 Beauty Finds Designed to Enhance Your Selfie

    This weekend at the Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2016 show in Milan, models walked down the runway taking selfies with the attendees. “Be part of this unique fashion moment!” the announcement over the runway read. From high fashion to Hollywood, selfies are longer just for tweens and Kardashians.

  • Eiffel Tower named most 'selfied' attraction

    The Eiffel Tower in Paris has been named as the most 'selfied' attraction in the world. analysed more than 200 million Instagram photos using the tag 'selfie' as a search filter. Dubai's Burj Khalifa

  • How big companies are cashing in on your selfies

    You might have thought that selfies were all about you. But you weren't reckoning on the marketing gurus at the major corporations, who couldn't let a fad pass by without working out a way to make a fast buck. Unfortunately, it now