• Ryanair passengers in fight on flight to Manchester

    Story and video from SWNS A fight broke out between passengers in the middle of a Ryanair flight. Two men were filmed running down the aisle towards a fight at the front of the plane between a woman and a man. Ryanair staff can be seen

  • Thief steals potted plants from family home

    Story and pics by SWNS This is the bizarre moment a green-fingered thief was caught on CCTV pulling up outside a family home - before stealing several plants in pots. Security footage released by police shows the man reversing onto the driveway

  • Cop stops car after driver is thrown on to road

    A policeman stops a driverless car after it threw the motorist on to a road in Shanghai. The CCTV video, provided by local media, shows a black car knocking over a scooter and then suddenly going into reverse. The driver is ejected from the

  • Police grab man threatening to jump from building

    A young man is seen standing on the ledge of a building, apparently threatening to jump. The tense moment is filmed in downtown Los Angeles, California, as police try to coax him down. He eventually runs down the side of the building, where

  • What to do if you need to dial 999 during coronavirus lockdown but can't speak

    There has been some confusion about what to do if you need to call 999, but can't talk.

  • Police turn away B&Q's click and collect customers

    Police were forced to turn away shoppers after hundreds arrived at a B&Q store in Nottingham to collect their online orders. The hardware store closed its shops during the country's coronavirus lockdown but reopened its online site.

  • Policing coronavirus lockdown measures a ‘challenge’, warns police federation

    Policing enforcement measures introduced by Boris Johnson in response to the Covid-19 pandemic will be a "real challenge" for officers, a police federation has warned. Ken Marsh, chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation, which

  • US Police get amazing alternative to tasering suspects

    Police officers in the US may soon be getting their hands on an alternative to tasers. The BolaWrap is a hand-held remote restraint device that looks like something Batman might use. The gadget works by discharging a kevlar tether, that travels

  • Police hunting 'Pig Man' arrest suspect on suspicion of racism

    Police hunting a man dressed in a pig mask who has been terrifying schoolchildren have arrested a suspect on suspicion of racism. Pupils have been left too frightened to walk to class after the creepy suspect jumped out at them in the street.

  • Suspected burglars caught on camera

    Three suspected burglars have been caught on camera as they approached a house in Surrey. The men covered their faces to disguise themselves - but can be clearly identified by anyone who knows them. They were filmed on a high definition doorbell

  • Yobs try to smash their way into supermarket

    A "feral" gang of youths was caught trying to smash its way into a supermarket with a fire extinguisher. Aldi workers defended terrified shoppers from the gang by locking the doors - and belting one of the attackers. Ross Scott was

  • Cop shamed at awards ceremony

    A Florida politician got his own back on a police officer who had wrongly arrested him four years ago. Deputy Joshua Gallardo was about to receive an award for excellence in policing during a ceremony in Tamarac when City Commissioner Mike Gelin

  • Police in Spain find barrels of drugs lashed to hulls of boats

    Authorities in Spain have arrested 32 people in connection with a drug smuggling operation through the Port of Tarifa in the south of the country. Police discovered bales of hash in barrels lashed to the hulls of recreational boats, as seen in

  • Man caught after trying to flee police along train tracks

    This is the moment a middle-aged man vaulted over a train station wall in a failed bid to flee cops. British Transport Police were called following reports that a man had assaulted a security guard at Laindon railway station in Essex during

  • Drunk biker crashes head-on with car

    Shocking dashcam footage shows the moment a motorcyclist who had been drinking crashes head-on into a car. The footage shows the motorcyclist swerve into the path of the car, while being nearly twice the drink drive limit. The rider was badly

  • Woman, 79, hurt in violent mugging

    This is the shocking moment a pensioner was thrown to the ground by a thug to snatched her handbag. The 79-year-old woman was left with a broken arm after the incident in Kettering on Sunday. Police arrested two men in connection with the attack.

  • Gran, 82, fights off shop raider with walking stick

    An 82-year-old grandmother fought off robber at the newsagents shop she owns - by beating him with her walking stick. The raider, wrapped in a blue sleeping bag, burst into Hanley's AJ and J Newsagents in Stoke-on-Trent and demanded cash.

  • How does UK police equipment compare with that of US cops?

    After police overwhelmingly backed LBC host Nick Ferrari's call for all officers to carry tasers, the presenter took a closer look at how the UK's police are equipped in comparison with their US counterparts. For his Time for Tasers

  • US cop tasers pensioner after faulty brake light row

    Body camera video shows a police officer shooting a 65-year-old Oklahoma woman with a taser after she allegedly refused to sign a ticket for a broken brake light, drove away and then kicked the cop while he was trying to arrest her. "I

  • Police dog repeatedly slashed with knife as he twice brought armed man to the ground given bravery award

    A police dog repeatedly slashed with a knife as he twice brought an armed assailant to the ground has been honoured with a prestigious award for bravery. Bacca is being presented with the PDSA's Gold Medal – which the charity

  • Arsonists torch ice cream sellers van in turf war

    An ice-cream man has been left thousands of pounds out of pocket after arsonists callously torched two of his vans as part of a bitter turf war. Tony Del Busso, 50, better known as Mr Cool, believes rival sellers have targeted his family-run

  • 'Manic motorist' smashed car through front of takeaway restaurant

    This is the shocking moment a car smashes into the front of a takeaway restaurant. Footage released by police shows Anthony Richmond, 33, smashing his Renault Clio into Barnes Grill and Pizzeria in Sunderland in May. "The manic motorist,

  • Wanted man falls through the ceiling

    This funny video shows the moment a man who was allegedly hiding from police in an attic fell through the ceiling - leaving his leg dangling inches above a waiting officer. Matty Walsh, 24, was at a party with some friends when he heard a banging

  • Sleeping couple saved from rattle snake

    A dramatic video posted by Maury County Sheriff's Department in the United States, shows a police officer saving a couple from a rattlesnake. The officer who was driving along a quiet road, comes upon the odd sight of a semi-naked couple

  • Woman campaigns for £55,000 in GoFundMe donations because she 'can't get a job'

    Woman asks the public to fund her lavish lifestyle on GoFundMe.

  • Indian family rides down highway on burning motorbike

    Stunned Indian police officers managed to prevent a disaster after they spotted a family of three riding a motorbike down a highway completely unaware that flames were shooting out from beneath the vehicle. A video filmed in Etawah District in