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    Kristen Bell reveals rule she and Dax Shepard follow about arguing in front of their daughters

    Kristen Bell tells Yahoo that it was husband Dax Shepard's idea.

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    Kristen Bell once breastfed her husband Dax Shepard - for medical reasons

    The actress made the revelation on a recent web series

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    Ivanka Trump’s Surprisingly Affordable Baby Gear

    Ivanka Trump has a multimillion-dollar net worth but the mom of three is budget-conscious when it comes to baby products. While on a recent family vacation in Aspen, Trump carried 1-year-old Theodore in a $160 Ergobaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier in black and camel, which is designed to hold infants in four different positions: front-in, front-out, hip, and back carry. Celebrities Orlando Bloom, Kristen Bell, and Gwen Stefani are all fans of the Ergobaby brand, and while Trump’s carrier isn

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    Kristen Bell wore butt pads to the Golden Globes

    For those of us who aren’t blessed in the bum department, Kristen Bell has provided some hope.

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    The Bride Wore Ebony: Kristen Bell’s Alternative Wedding Ensemble

    Kristen Bell and Dax Shepherd aren’t your average Hollywood couple. They’re low-key couple. They don’t post millions of selfies (serious ones, anyway) on social media; they don’t share photos of their children online and they attempt to keep their private life, well, private. 

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    Rachel Bilson And Kristen Bell Make The Ultimate Mum Squad

    Whoever knew celeb mums Kristen Bell and Rachel Bilson are such good friends? The pair aren’t just the actresses who played Princess Anna and Summer Roberts, they’re also mums with a fantastically down-to-earth take on parenthood. The duo, who’ve known each for over 15 years, opened up to Buzzfeed about how their relationship’s changed since entering motherhood (“We talked a lot about poop and vomit before we became moms, but now we talk a lot MORE about it,” said Bell) and confessed they thin