• Crisis in Argentina over McDonald's ketchup shortage

    Argentina was not prepared for the current crisis gripping its citizens - a chronic McDonald's ketchup shortage Argentine newspaper Clarin reports. The newspaper compared the ketchup shortage to being as bad as the country running out of

  • Truck crashes in Reno, spilling ketchup all over road

    The Reno Gazzette-Journal reported on Thursday that westbound traffic on Interstate 80 was backed up after a truck spilt its cargo all over the road. The Nevada Department of Transportation had to call in snowploughs to remove the thousands of

  • Size does matter when shoppers pay the same price for less

    Rui Vieira/PA Archive/Press Association Images An ongoing rip-off facing shoppers is when big brand names reduce the size of their product almost imperceptibly and still charge the same price, according to the consumer watchdog Which? They