• How Your Self-Enforced Gluten-Free Diet Could Be Harming Your Health

    Gluten has had a bad rap in recent years. Celebs eschew it, Paleo-dieters ditch it in its many forms, and it’s been blamed for all sorts of health ills from bloating to acne. Gluten is a protein found in a huge array of foods.

  • The gluten-free diet isn’t as healthy as you think it is

    While the gluten-free diet was once only considered a medical treatment, it’s now become a trendy lifestyle being endorsed as healthy and life-changing. The diet eliminates gluten, which can be found in grains like wheat, barley and rye. Doctors recommend the diet for people who are diagnosed with celiac disease - an illness in which the small intestine is hypersensitive to gluten.

  • 8 easy swaps to go gluten free

    Giving up gluten doesn't have to mean a life without pasta, bread or the occasional cake. With a few clever food swaps – along with gluten-free food brands and alternatives to traditional flours – it's possible to

  • EU allergy rules to kill off restaurant innovation?

    21m Britons are estimated to have some form of food allergy. But should they welcome new EU rules that could change the way food is sold in the UK? The EU wants every single food outlet to list up to 14 potential health risk allergens, from milk