• Moving lump on woman’s face turns out to be a live worm

    A woman who went to an ophthalmologist complaining of lumps that were appearing and disappearing in various places on her face received a surprising and somewhat horrifying diagnosis. According to a report in the New England Journal of Medicine,

  • Half of men don't know where the vagina is, survey finds

    It's vital everybody knows more about gynaecological health, no matter what their gender.

  • This is how to stop your period for a holiday

    No more spending half of the holiday nipping to the loo.

  • How doctors suggest you really lose weight

    It's time to listen to some real advice.

  • Salt being bad for us is a 'myth', doctor claims

    Should we be taking Dr James Dinicolantonio's advice?

  • GPs can now secretly report patients they think are unfit to drive

    Doctors now have the power to report patients they consider to be unfit to drive to the authorities, without their permission. New guidelines that came into effect today outline how GPs have a responsibility to alert the Driver and Vehicle

  • How you can get a GP in for a home visit - within 90 minutes

    Can you imagine a world where a family doctor will visit you at home, within 90 minutes of the time you call? They can come any time between 8am and 11pm, and will stay for up to 45 minutes. It seems like an impossible dream, but it's

  • 10 lies your doctor told you

    Here are 10 common pieces of medical advice that may not be as good for you as you may have thought. Watch the video above for more. See also: Patients 'should be educated to treat themselves for minor ailments See also: Pupils in

  • Calls to end ‘sexist’ morning-after pill shaming and pricing

    If you need emergency contraception you have two choices. Or you can shuffle on down to your local pharmacy and endure a potentially judgemental, definitely awkward conversation with the pharmacist before forking out up to £30 for the ‘morning after pill’. The British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) want EC to be more affordable and easily available, much like other over-the-counter drugs.

  • This Woman’s Reaction To Teeth Whitening Is Pretty Terrifying

    When 18-year-old Abbie Kilbride got her braces removed, she figured she’d make the most of her newly-revealed teeth by getting them whitened. But after a session with a woman recommended to her by friends, it all started to go horribly  horribly wrong. 

  • Junior doctors threaten strike in pay row

    Government ministers and junior doctors are locked in a dispute that could result in the first junior doctors' strike for 40 years, potentially endangering patients in the run-up to Christmas, says The Guardian. England has around 45,000

  • Hospital doctor 'set to earn almost £500,000 from the NHS'

    An NHS locum doctor is reportedly set to take home close to half-a-million pounds in wages this year, according to new figures. The hospital doctor, who works shifts to fill gaps in understaffed trusts, is believed to be the highest paid doctor

  • Many patients forced to dial costly 0845 numbers

    Millions of patients are still forced to dial expensive 0844 and 0845 numbers costing up to 40p a minute to phone their GP. Surgeries were told to stop using expensive premium rate numbers five years ago yet at least 350 continue to do so,

  • Church-goer commited suicide after Atos benefits cut

    More worry about French company Atos and its benefit assessment handling - specifically the Work Capability Assessment. It follows the suicide of a woman with a history of depression who Atos failed to give any points after an Employment and

  • Inspectors find maggots in surgery

    Inspectors have uncovered a catalogue of failings at some GP practices, with medicines stored in a way that puts children and patients at risk of infection and rooms so dirty they had maggots. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) health regulator

  • NHS prescription charges to increase to £10?

    Ministers should consider extending prescription charges, as well as introducing new charges on visits to NHS GP surgeries and some elements of hospital care, to raise £3 billion a year for the health service, a think-tank has said. In a

  • GPs 'facing financial black hole'

    GP services are facing a £400 million financial "black hole" that could have catastrophic consequences, the family doctors body has warned. The Royal College of GPs (RCGP) said funding cuts over the past three years are already having a

  • Half of GPs favour appointment fee

    Half of GPs are in favour of the NHS charging up to £25 for routine appointments, according to a survey. Many believe putting a price tag on face-to-face consultations is the only way to manage the increasing workload and rising patient demand,