• British women feel ‘ugly’ from just six years old

    A majority of respondents said not enough is being done to help increase the confidence and self image of young girls in the UK.

  • Is the Tooth Fairy parenting pressure getting out of hand?

    *Spoiler alert for children under a certain age*

  • Childhood version 1.0: what kids did for fun before the internet

    Before smartphones and the internet with it’s pacifying supply of games and funny videos, kids had to make their own entertainment. And guess what? Sometimes they experienced boredom too but that boredom gave way to inventive games and unsupervised adventures.Children will always find a way to play no matter the circumstances; their innate ability to suspend disbelief means it doesn’t take much to get swept up in imaginary worlds of epic proportions. So what were the children of yesteryear doing before Minecraft, Youtube and Snapchat? Let’s take a look.

  • Magical myth or damaging 'lie'? Should we tell our children the truth about Father Christmas?

    Should children be told the truth about Santa? Every year, round about November, parents all across the land convince their little ones that if they behave themselves for the next couple of months, a wonderful man with big belly will squeeze down their chimney, eat the mince pie they’ve left out for them, quoff the glass of sherry and leave them a whole wealth of presents on Christmas morning. The paper, called “A wonderful lie,” suggests that the trust children have in their parents may be undermined by them spinning stories about Santa.

  • A Teenager Is Suing Her Parents For Posting Embarrassing Childhood Pictures To Facebook

    Running through the sprinkler in the nude, first poo on the potty, reluctantly dressed as a carrot for national vegetable day…Another day, another embarrassing childhood picture posted to social media. Well, sharents beware because an 18-year-old from Carinthia, Austria is actually suing her parents for posting embarrassing and revealing photos of her on Facebook for the past seven years.

  • Thumb sucking and nail biting may not be gross habits after all

    “Our findings are consistent with the hygiene theory that early exposure to dirt or germs reduces the risk of developing allergies,” Sears said in a press release. The study comes out of New Zealand’s Dunedin School of Medicine and looked at 1,037 kids born between 1972 and 1973. In the early years, parents were asked to rate whether their children were frequent thumb suckers or nail biters.

  • This Super Cool Company Lets Kids Design Their Own Cute Clothes

    Cat dress anyone? [Photo: Picture This]

  • Scientists Have Found A Link Between Obesity And Childhood Bedtimes

    New research from Ohio State University has revealed a link between children’s bedtimes and obesity in later life. Researchers have been following 977 children born in 1991 over the last 25 years. Results showed that kids who went to bed before 8pm between the ages of three and five were less likely to become obese teenagers.

  • 10 Adult Bedrooms That Are The Stuff Of Childhood Dreams

    <p>When we were little, if we wanted a bedroom that looked like a mermaid’s palace, we’d get a pot of blue paint and some fished-themed decorations if we were lucky. </p><p>And now that we’re grown ups, some of us still cling to the idea of having an absolutely epic bedroom. And why not? We’re adults now; we can do anything!</p><p>Here are some of the most amazing adult bedrooms out there.</p><p><b><a rel="nofollow" href=""> The Most Amazing Places To Stay Around The World For Under £25 </a></b><br /></p><p><b><a rel="nofollow" href=""> Cruise Control: Why Sailing Around The Med Should Be On Your Bucket List </a></b><br /></p>

  • Mum’s Brilliant Post Defending Her Son’s Right To Wear Nail Varnish Is Going Viral

    Devon Berryann’s son likes to wear nail polish and girls’ clothing, including tutus. Taking to her Facebook to share a picture of her little boy wearing a tutu, Devon penned an open letter with the hope of encouraging people to be more accepting.

  • Annoying Things Every Parent Encounters At The School Gate

    The school run what can be said about it other than it is a law unto itself.  Parents and carers all over the world must forgo any normality for approximately 15-45 minutes a day.  Don’t know what I am talking about? Well, let’s explore………  

  • Woman Defends Her Son’s 'Girly’ Socks, Sparks Important Gender Identity Discussion

    When Shona Campbell asked three-year-old, Harry which socks he wanted to wear for nursery that day, he chose his favourite pair patterned with love hearts. Taking to her Facebook page last week, the young mum wrote a heartfelt post supporting her son’s right to wear whatever he wanted.